:love: graveyard bugs crippling Loregoyle and Ghastly Exchange

    • :love: graveyard bugs crippling Loregoyle and Ghastly Exchange

      The card Ghastly Exchange and Loregoyle are bugged!
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      and cards that can become quick like them; the coyotle in immortal that gives a card quick comes to mind
      they have a quick activatable or deployed effect to displace graveyarded cards which doesn’t get a stop when they are destroyed, and when any card that has “{if Or while this is in}{from} a crypt” Or, “put this into your hand Or play” from the graveyard is about to be removed there is no opportunity to respond.
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      Each Game of a Match where this occurs needs a Trigger set that can be inherited like the current standard Counter quick action Weave the Threads does,
      especially for when all priorities have been passed.

      The standard cards
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      in no particular complete sequence: Deathbane Vial, Runeflection, Rotpaw Gang, Bride of the Damned, Call the Grave, Boltwing Phoenix
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      (and in Immortal, Sunsoul)
      , Malevolent Mi’go, Relentless Zombie, Light ‘em Up, and Robogoyle, Threads of Life
      which move cards from the graveyard are unfair from this because there is no triggered Stop and active/play-able glow And priority can’t be held on the consoles. R1/right bumper is probably good for the PS4/XBOne

      Similarly another bug about this specific broken card;
      Twilight justice’s, “You choose the outcome…” persists thru it being destroyed.

      Competitive standard rules on that note, should include, “the quality of cards in your sideboard and deck may change which opponents you face.”; The server errored when I sideboarded legendaries in against someone who didn’t have similar cards.

      Have a great year! :love:

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