A good opportunity to show whether PvE makes people spend money.

    • PvP is first priority so I would not be surprised if future PvE content can only be played using current PvP cards, citing balance as the reason. They have taken the first step with PS4, so phasing out PvE cards should be the next. Siege mode can work very well as a PvP mode, which is most likely why it was even considered in the first place. Retrofitting it for PvE is more trouble than what it is worth.
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    • Eraia wrote:

      This is PvE, but it's not the type of PvE certain players were looking for. <snip for things I agree with and may restate>
      Agreed, but everything is going to be "not the type" that <some subset of players> are looking for. I'm going to be a bit interesting and quote myself.

      This thread.

      "Same! I want to make a "Shin'hare outpost invasion nightmare" full of horde decks. I want to create an "assault the stronghold" where I can draw out a raid on a scouting party and progress it to a full on attack on an Ardent fortress with established defenses while I'm scrambling to keep from being annihilated before I start.

      Let me build decks and tune them. Let me set an AI to run them against players. Let them drop me feedback and ratings on how much they enjoy running the content that I create.

      While I'm sure that the HEX Entertainment team is going to be excellent in making their PVE material, let us have a go at it! Especially if it provides us endless content and gives them time to build the multiplayer and raids and guilds." Source

      "So much yes. Let us fight our way in to Volosolov. Let us attack a stronghold where one of the Shin'Hare Emperor's favored lackeys is holed up. Let us finally crack the stronghold of a Human Noble. Co-op with "Wave Tactics" battles, escalating." Source

      This Siege gauntlet is exactly what I have been begging for. I still want cooperative raids and multiplayer, but this endless stream of player-created content will be great for the game. I have something I can point to as "This is something that no other game does. This is something that allows you to set up a challenge gauntlet and let others batter themselves against it. This is something that isn't a choose-your-own-adventure style chain of nodes, and allows interactivity other than straight PVP."


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