Siege mode review and discussion thread

    • Siege mode review and discussion thread


      Good afternoon everyone!

      A significant announcement today. I will be reviewing the news and the added information from the forums tonight on a stream dedicated to it. I'll share the recording once it is done here.

      More so, I wanted to have a thread so we can discuss the specifics of it and strategize for it while we wait!

      Cory already confirmed PS4 players would be able to attack (but not set up defences) and that their target is to release it within a month!

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      I want to know what the War Tax is for? Just like I would like to know why there is a % tax in the auction house?

      What does HEX do with this gold? Do they convert it to Plat? Is it donated to schools? Does it just go to the void?

      Where does this gold go and why?
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      Spit wrote:

      I want to know what the War Tax is for? Just like I would like to know why there is a % tax in the auction house?

      What does HEX do with this gold? Do they convert it to Plat? Is it donated to schools? Does it just go to the void?

      Where does this gold go and why?
      Its donated to the Princess Cory School for Mischievous Imps and Wayward Shroomkin...
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      First things first.

      I like that HXE is offering one of the modes I have been clamoring about for quite a while. So kudos for that. Ryan states it's experimental so I am very much willing to give the benefit of the doubt. I will go ahead and offer part of my hoard for people to challenge.

      I see a few problems, though.

      1. For players there is no incentive to do this but bragging rights. Hex doesn't have Steam achievements, nor in-game achievements. Essentially you lose money. The house wins always, making this very much a mode for gamblers. I don't like that part (but I am sure something will be worked out eventually).

      2. I understand why HXE can't add currency - it would be way too easy to abuse it. Basically what we'd need is a random mode then, where the keep names and currency amounts are anonymous (names at least - hoard size in tiers, so you can't message through that), where Hex adds curreny for the challengers for the win.

      3. For the challenger then it's totally intransparent how strong the defender decks are. Over the long run there needs to be some kind of measure for this (something like the PvP tiers perhaps), rating the keeps. When you try this mode as a relatively new player, you don't want to hit somebody with Colin's collection (or even mine - but at least I am not as likely to build such great decks ;-)).

      4. Of course the mode doesn't go far enough. As a keep defender I want ways to customize the experience and to add whistles and bells to my castle. Basically I want to build my own little dungeon for players to enjoy - and fail in. In a good way, of course. But this is very difficult to pull off, I realize that. If I weren't deep into my thesis right now, I might try to design a system for this... *no, mind, stay here, don't go there*

      So, for now I'll play along - and will try to get my guild mates to play along. And once we all have played a few rounds of it, we'll meet again and try to help HXE to make it better.

      Thanks Ryan, you made my day!
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      Vroengard wrote:


      One Standard legal deck.
      Thanks HXE. I had never experienced orgasm denial before. At least now I can say I've tried it and didn't like it.
      as much as I enjoy the graphic nature of this... we will be exploring this one step at a time, the gap between player ability and the AI ability is something we will have to work out... we need to stack the odds on the AI to give it a chance it will NEVER be as good as a human player (don't tell Chris I said that)

      With that said... the goal is to have full PVE for both attacker and defender... with the NOTE (all caps for added emphasis) there would be a large ban / restricted list for Siege mode of PVE cards on the attack side.

      as I said this is the first step, we will make it awesome with your help :)
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      EDIT: Meant to post an open question with ideas why this didn't start with attackers being able to use PvE cards, but I guess it was kinda explained.

      @HEXCoryJones Thanks for the answer.

      I hate to admit it but I love and hate you all at HXE at the same time. You made me feel like 4-5 years ago, when I first discovered the Kickstarter.

      Please, take my meagre portion of money and use it well.

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      NicoSharp wrote:

      1k plat bounty. Come raid me when it launches. My hoard will be waiting!
      Considering the 500 plat per attempt I'd have to spend, you can keep it ;) .

      I'm personally probably going to set the lowest gold bounty(1000) and rotate reasonably good themic decks.

      So a few questions:

      Will there be a way for players to see what they'll be facing, or at least for the Defender to write a message telling the attacker what they are getting into?(If not something third party might be nice for this)

      Will there be a way to watch replays of the attacks on your keep?
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      I have no doubt that Siege will grow and expand into more elaborate formats over time--this is a foundation that is manageable and workable enough to build a bedrock to support towers to come. The asynchronous nature adds a lot of flexibility to the mix--and there will no doubt be PVE for attacking decks down the line too (as well as other potential possibilities, like extra parameters for deck-building in optional encounters or the potential to nudge decks with AI 'profiles' e.g. this is an aggro deck, etc.) I can totally see this eventually having tie-ins with e.g. the campaign map down the road.

      It's an exciting start that adds a lot of new challenges to tackle and starts us off into 'players building content for other players to enjoy' territory--which is a HUGE win for Hex. Even if what you see at launch here doesn't fully thrill you, I think everyone in the PVE camp should at least note that this is a nice, long-needed incentive for building out one's PVE cards & equipment beyond just the scope of FRA and the Campaign--and especially with mercenaries etc. already in the idea docket for future releases, has a lot of really exciting potential.
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      A few of my initial thoughts:

      • This is making PVE competitive, it should definitely include leaderboards or stats. If not it will lose its appeal fairly fast.
        • Secondary to this, it would be huge if the activity stats (game played, bounty won, number of successful siege, etc.) be tracked in the current API so that sites like HexPVPTools could be created to track Siege activity.
      • For some players, it might be an incentive to create a secondary account to be more efficient with defense. (A.K.A known players with nearly full collections are likely the worst siege to undertake). Not sure how to address this but it was one of my initial concern with such a mode.
      • It would be very cool if we could give our "defender AI" a personality per deck. Just having the choice between "Aggressive" and "Defensive" AI would likely be a huge factor in deck building. I worry that in the end, if the AI is not good enough identifying the type of deck that it plays, we're going to mostly see different flavors of the same 2-3 decks.
      • I really hope that the siege games will be clearly identified in the current replay tool and that we will be able to track all 3 games of the same "siege" with it so that streamers and casters such as myself will be able to "cover" the Siege "meta"
        • This does however raises a question about fairness as players with the replay tool would be able to just look at a few siege of the same winning player to identify the decks it uses and build a "counter" to it.
          • I suggest that only the "successful" siege be available in the replay feature so that we can still cover the new game mode without making it an unfair advantage to the defending players.
      • This ties in to the first point but having some kind of "bragging right" reward attached to the system would make this a very different experience. I worry that if it is only about winning bounties, the average "not too competitive" new player will never even come close to try playing in it. Maybe not at launch but I do feel like it will need a "participation" incentive not too far down the road after implementation.
      • Would be nice if we could set both sleeves for the defending deck. Battleboards as well if we don't have a new dedicated one for the mode!
      That is it for now!

      If you have any topics or questions you'd like me to review on stream tonight make sure to mention it in your post!
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