Friday Update - Ohhh Yeaah!

    • Not intending to be cryptic. Cryptozoic is in our DNA, but HXE is its own company ;)

      For clarity, as it seems there is still some confusion:

      1) Yes, Brink of Madness is Standard Legal. As Attackers will be using a Standard watch/banlist in Siege, that means you can use Brink of Madness on the attack.
      2) The exact specifics of the Siege defender's watch/banlist are still in flux. It will use a special list of its own as I mentioned above. However, there may or may not be items on there to start depending on what R&D feels is best for the format. This list will be its own thing and will not automatically inherit items from the PvE/Campaign watch/ban list.

      Finally, as above, this is development and could be subject to change. As we gear up for Siege release (and beyond), R&D will do what is best for the game mode.
    • Frederik wrote:

      Needle wrote:

      Any form of PVE should never have a banlist.
      Wether it's against the AI or later in Keeps does not matter.
      Actually wouldnt mind a banlist for keep defense or they could be way overpowered. Wouldnt want to discourage people to much from attacking
      Yah, I totally disagree with Needle. I would much rather have bans for Siege, both attacking and defending (which can and should be different lists), than be stuck with a broken format forever.
    • Needle wrote:

      Any form of PVE should never have a banlist.
      Wether it's against the AI or later in Keeps does not matter.
      Having a ban list for the Campaign and FRA doesn't fill the same purpose as having a ban list for something like Siege. The decks we will be building as siege will be VERY different than AI specific decks. Most of the bans we currently have for "PVE" doesn't even make sense for Keeps.

      More so, if the problematic cards or items for the format are PVE only, they can always change them instead of banning them which is also something Hex has never been shy of doing.

      It is going to be interesting to see this evolve though as we will have 3 different PVE modes, and changing a card for one format will likely have effects on the others that players invested in the "other" format may perceive as very negative.

      In the end, since you end up with multiple PVE formats all using the same items. I wouldn't be surprised to see them to start using bans for PVE items in specific formats rather than changing PVE items as a new general guideline.

      PVP items can't be changed so if we happen to have problematic ones there won't be a choice but to ban/restrict said card.

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