Make Time Per Action Based on Time Difference between Clocks

    • Sinkhole wrote:

      I don't we should do anything punish players slow play until we can trust the clock. There are way too many scenarios players are eating clock through no fault of theirs. And when the game screws up, the only solution is to kill the client and relog, again't eating clock. Is the invisible action thing fixed? That's a huge clock eater right there.
      I'm pretty sure I played against you the other day ago in Evo, correct?

      I had a game where at some point there was a lag of about 45 seconds where I thought my opponent was taking time but it turned out that there was a connection issue on my end. Those were 45 seconds where I had nothing to do but click the 'end of opponents turn' button. That button didn't appear though and the time loss was subtracted from my clock once it finally did.
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    • There is kind of already a solution for what Jeff wants.

      Each player starts with two minutes and every full turn rotation(both players' turns) each player will gain 1 minute and lose 1 timer charge(start with 18 charges) If your timer hits zero, but you still have charges instead of auto losing the game will go into auto pilot until you have time again. Note the 2 minutes 18 charges(20 minutes) is for limited not constructed. This punishes slow play while also letting d/ced players have time to recover.
    • Sukebe wrote:

      I like your videos a lot and I generally agree with you on most things but as a former level 2 mtg judge who was on the floor during anything from fnm's to grand prix this is definitely not the case
      You are allowed to tank now and then in Magic, but if every decision is taking a long time, players are generally given warnings.

      It is also commonly accepted in the magic community that the standards for slow play are lacking and enough warnings are not given out due to not having a judge on every match in an event.

      I would like to echo that I doubt my proposed solution is ideal, but I do think that the current system is also not ideal. It does not generate interesting game play for one of the players when one person is taking forever.