Rage: An Orc Story

    • Rage: An Orc Story

      Welcome, young ones. Have a seat. Warm yourselves by the fires. Have a drink. Have some meat. You know why you are here. You have either volunteered or been chosen for the fighting pits. It is an honor. Specifically, it is the honor. You have an opportunity to throw yourselves into battle, to hone your bodies further into weapons, to succeed and win glory, the roars of the crowd, and blessings in the sight of Kog'tepetl. Ah. You felt that. Yes.

      The Primal of Mountains rests there. He remains silent, though the valley here bears monument to the last time He rose. We do not live here, except the most exalted ones, the High Priests. We fight here. For His glory. But we are here to talk about what you feel. Fear? No. None of you are afraid. That would bring shame and dishonor. You feel eager. You feel hungry. You feel... Rage. The hunger for battle, the thirst for blood, the blessing of fury. Those are His gifts to us. His commandments. Our sacraments.

      Tomorrow, you will step into the Arena. You may fall. You may be injured. You may gain scars. However, you will learn. We are feeding Him with our Rage. With our blood. With those thrown into battle against us, we commune with Kog'tepetl. Therefore, young ones, let your Rage flow. Let your bodies become the vessels of your worship. Let the blood be shed, and the crowds see your devotion! He is watching. We are His people, and we are proud. But most importantly, we are Rage, blood, and fire placed upon two legs, for His glory. Prove it!