Reflecting upon a format - Redlings Conversion Format(Immortal)

    • Reflecting upon a format - Redlings Conversion Format(Immortal)

      So I decided that whenever I close a spreadsheet to create a thread for people to share their thoughts and discuss about the format that just passed. Also could be used as documention in for the posterity.


      Format: Redlings Conversion Format

      Following Format:[/u] Late Dead of Winter Immortal

      • Begin: 17 Nov 2017(Dead of Winter release)
      • End: 8 Jan 2018 (Lazgar's Vengeance and Hideous Conversion get banned)
      Tier List:…UG5AxqGwAZM43M/edit#gid=0

      Main characteristics of the format:

      - Redlings using Lazgar's Vengeance and Deathcry deck with Hideous Conversion form the top of the meta.

      - Mid-Range decks are unfavoured due to Lazgar's Vegeance massive presence in the meta. Meta decks are either Aggro decks with LV or control decks that can deal with LV.

      - The addition of new deathcry troops from newer sets allowed for Hideos Conversion decks multiple devastating combos with the almost endless Resource supply from Hideous Conversion.

      - Mono Sapphire now could with its new addition from Dow, Eyes of the Heart, play a deck based around skipping the opponent's turn as often a possible when combined with Mastery of Time. Using the massive Charge gain from Eyes of the Heart to trigger Nineveh's charge power and giving Storm Cloud as many counters formed the win condition of the deck.
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