Deck Drilldown - Sapphire-Ruby Sockets

    • Hey Jeff!

      Would you recommend this deck over r/d candlekins (aggro style) for efficient overal laddering?

      Also, a suggestion for future articles: I think it would be cool to have a tournament performance vs ladder performance analyses section. Some people like to ladder, some like to do tournaments, and some both, so I think it would be really cool to get insights for your decklist as to overall performances in these two environments.
    • I played this sockets deck a fair bit last season and its obviously strong. Some fine tuning I tried with the current meta that works fairly well is the following.

      (1) Indigo trickster in the current meta is really good. Fitting in 2 or 3 works quite nicely. If 2 then remove one trapper and a heartsworn. if a 3rd one remove 1 warpsteel.
      The reason i say its good is that it obviously put control decks under pressure but it does the same in the candle matchup. They need to block or risk losing their key combo pieces.

      (2) I also found 2 of the red coins in the deck is good. the red one produces a charge which can be revelant as can the card draw. 1 of the red fateweave sources can be removed and any basic.

      (3) the socket which produces actions in sapphire needs to be utilised. In some matchups its better to have emsee with this socket. also one riftwarp badger can have this.