Animation lag occurs now and then

    • Animation lag occurs now and then

      Between the matches, 50% of the battles are laggy to my computer. I will post my PC specs below so you know that my hardware isn't the problem as this is in HEX only.
      Is someone of the developer can explain or say that they know the issue or can tell me what i can do like a work around. I tried for example putting priority on hex.exe via taskmanager but doesn't help at all.

      What do i mean with lagg?
      • The animation of a card that is been drawed or a threshold is played, the animation stutters like hell.
      Is it always happening on the same time so you know what it is maybe?
      • It happens only when i'm playing on full screen in the game on 1920x1080
      PC Specs:
      CPU: AMD FX 8350 8core 4.00 GHz
      RAM: 16GB
      VGA: nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb
      W10 Home Edition - Build: 1709
      OS Build: 16299.125
    • Thank you for the reply, i don't know what happened couple 2 days but it is not coming back. didn't change anything to my system or updates are not applied as well.

      I will keep searching when i have it what it could be so far i can as a user.

      - quick possible workaround to fix it is : alt+enter and then hit back full screen for people who have this issue.