[Cards] Misplaced keys

    • [Cards] Misplaced keys


      I'll update this post from time to time, there you've a collection of misplaced keys regarding SoW cards. I mean original texts are not the ones we should have on those cards.

      Please see this folder for more info: Scars of War - Misplaced keys

      All texts are affected excepted the templates:

      Affected cards:
      Bride of the Damned
      Vampire Queen

      ALL languages affected
      Tested in live v1.0.5.018

      Kind regards.

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    • En el cliente de juego en español (castellano), hay 59 cartas con el rasgo "masculino" y ninguna con el término "femenina" (incluyendo las cartas con nombres femeninos obvios como Lady Centenella)In the Spanish (Castillian) language game client there are 59 cards with the trait "masculine", yet none with the "feminine" trait (including obviously women identified characters such as Lady Shimmer).The English language game client has no cards with a gender based trait. / El cliente de juego de idioma inglés no tiene rasgos de género en ninguna de las cartas.Scars of War/ Cicatrices de Guerra cards with incorrect name and/ or text:Lorenzo reads : when an underworld or ardent troop enters play, gain a charge, and references the mercenary Corporal Hadrian in it's text.From the Ashes reads: Your deck must contain 10 or more troops with diligence, your deck must contain 20 or more actions (at least the destroy all troops line is correct...)Bride of the Damned reads: High Cleric of Marzul, conscript an underworld troop with cost 1 (twice), and references Ivan Slagpot.
      Cerulean Academy reads: your troops with mobilise in all zones, and references Khafra in text.Woken Drokkatar reads: Thoa the Damned, when you play an action, a random enemy troop receives -2 attack this turn.Storm Rider reads: Drokka as nameVampire Queen reads: at the beginning of your turn, if you control a coyotle, elf, human or orc, create a valor for rach troop you control and put in your hand.Daughter of the Poet reads: "muscley" as name, 5: destroy target ardent or underworld troop.Martyred Saint reads: Human, or and elf troop as name, Zurxathil (? Cthulu word), dreadlings you control.Absolute Power reads: rogues and warriors you control.The remaining set cards are untranslated from English/ Las cartas restantes de "Scars of War/ Cicatrices de Guerra" no se han traducido de Inglés.
    • Sorry for the poor formatting of the previous post. Here is another one I missed:

      Evolved Tactics reads: When you play an action, a random enemy troop receives -2 attack, Your deck must contain 2 vennen, shinhare, necrotic and dwarves with different names.

      I loaded the client in French, and the exact same Scars of War cards are affected in both the French and Spanish clients (with the same errors in both versions).