Card Design Contest Dec. 26 - Jan. 3

    • Card Design Contest Dec. 26 - Jan. 3

      The Rules:

      Design a card (or possibly multiple cards) that meets the design constraint described below. The one that I like the best is the winner. You may submit multiple entries, but please be considerate of your fellow players and don't go too overboard. In the case of multiple entries, you will still receive one prize at most.

      In addition to any listed prizes, the winner then creates a thread for the next round, creates a new design constraint, and the game continues.

      Design Constraint:
      Design a card or equipment that cares in some way Presents.

      There are currently two cards that create and care about presents: Pappy Jasper and Night of Bells. Link to them on

      Judging Criteria:
      Here's what I focus on in judging, in order of priority
      • Mechanically Creative, yet realistic: Show me something new that hasn't been done before, but make sure it still fits within the realm of HEX gameplay. Feel free to invent keywords and even use non-Entrathian flavor, but keep your designs mechanically grounded to work within the game rules.
      • Game Diversity: Does your creation encourage interesting game play decisions? Could you build a lot of different decks around your creation?
      • Elegance: Keep your designs to as little rules text as possible. I tend to start mentally nitpicking overly verbose cards and wondering why sometimes disparate abilities are grafted together on a card.
      • 1st place: Mercenary Brosi-Buk + 4 x Pippet's Gift with equipment + Judge for next round
      • 2nd place: 4 x Pappy Jasper with both equipment + 4 x Uncle Sparklestaff with both equipment + 1 Frostheart Pack
      The contest will end on Wednesday, January 3rd at 12pm PST. I will then judge the cards that afternoon/evening.

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    • Tree of bells

      Cost 6

      Shardless Artifact

      When one of your present transforms, gain 3 health; gain 2 charges, draw a card.

      At the start of your turn, if you have 20 or more presents in play, win the game.

      " When you see so many of them waiting at the base of the tree...It's hard not to open them all at once "
      Awaiting the Doomwalker's arrival in Entrath since the Beta.

      " Honey, where's my chaos key ?
      - Have you searched in your chaos coat ?
      - Shoot I left it in the chaos car... "

      ... Still be waiting for a while it seems ...
    • Pappy Jasper's Workshop

      4 [DIAMOND]

      Constant - Lair

      Whenever you would create a Present, instead create a Spiffy Present

      "Y'all ingrates think my presents ain't good enough for ya, huh?"

      Spiffy Present


      Artifact - Present

      4 -> This transforms into a random troop, artifact or constant with cost 3 or higher.

      "And I don't wanna hear one more whine from any of y'all!"

      Sneak a Peek

      3 [DIAMOND]


      All your Presents transform into a random artifact or troop. They get "At the start of your turn, revert this. 2 -> This loses this effect."
      All your Spiffy Presents transform into a random troop, artifact or constant with cost 3 or higher. They get "At the start of your turn revert this. 4 -> This loses this effect."

      "HEY! No peeking!"

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    • Pappy’s Elves

      Troop Elf 1/1
      When you play Pappy’s Elves put two copies of Pappy’s Elves into your deck.
      Your presents cost -2 to transform. For each pair of Pappy’s Elves in play if you would create 1 present create 1 additional present.

      -“I’ve got no time to put all these packages together anymore, so I’ve nabbed me some elves in my travels and put them to work in my workshop. They really get busy when they’re together!”

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    • Reindeer Gang
      Colorless 3
      [EXHAUST] Exhaust two troop you control to create a gift for every champion
      [EXHAUST] Consume three gift on the board and summon a random Unique Reindeer not in the play, or summon a Reindeer Gangster.
      [EXHAUST] Exhaust Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder ,Blitzen and Rudolph and win the game
      "Not every reindeer is privileged to join the reindeer gang"

      Reindeer Gangster
      Colorless 3
      Troops- Reindeer beast
      2 [ATTACK]
      2 [DEFENSE]
      When Reindeer dealt damage to enemy champion. you may put a card on the field back into it's controller's hand. and transform it into a gift.
      "Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder ,Blitzen and Rudolph. They are the nine leader of the reindeer gang"

      Dasher the Courageous
      Colorless 5
      Unique Troops- Reindeer beast
      6 [ATTACK]
      6 [DEFENSE]
      When this leave play, void it.
      "The test of courage comes when we are in the minority."

      Dancer the Perseverance
      Colorless 5
      Unique Troops- Reindeer beast
      6 [ATTACK]
      6 [DEFENSE]
      If you would lose the game, your health become 10 instead.
      When this leave play, void it.
      "There is nothing impossible to him who will try."

      Prancer the Self Reliance
      Colorless 5
      Unique Troops- Reindeer beast
      6 [ATTACK]
      6 [DEFENSE]
      When this leave play, put it back into play
      When this leave play, void it.
      "It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow."
      Vixen the Truthful
      Colorless 5
      Unique Troops- Reindeer beast
      6 [ATTACK]
      6 [DEFENSE]
      When this leave play, void it.
      "There is always a way to be honest without being brutal"

      Comet the Honorable
      Colorless 5
      Unique Troops- Reindeer beast
      6 [ATTACK]
      6 [DEFENSE]
      When this leave play, void it.
      "Our own heart, and not other’s opinion, form our true honor"

      Cupid the Fidelity
      Colorless 5
      Unique Troops- Reindeer beast
      6 [ATTACK]
      6 [DEFENSE]
      All your other troop have +1 [ATTACK] +1 [DEFENSE] for each unique reindeer you control
      When this leave play, void it.
      "Be your friend’s true friend."

      Donder the Disciplined
      Colorless 5
      Unique Troops- Reindeer beast
      6 [ATTACK]
      6 [DEFENSE]
      When this leave play, void it.
      "He who lives without discipline dies without honor."

      Blitzen the Hospitable
      Colorless 5
      Unique Troops- Reindeer beast
      6 [ATTACK]
      6 [DEFENSE]
      When this leave play, void it.
      "It is the task of the good to help those in misfortune."

      Rudolph the Industriousness
      Colorless 5
      Unique Troops- Reindeer beast
      6 [ATTACK]
      6 [DEFENSE]
      When this leave play, void it.
      "Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself"

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    • Grimacing Grinch
      [WILD] [WILD] 4
      Unique Troll Troop
      Deploy: You gain control of all presents in play for all champions.
      When you transform a present, summon a 'Trapped Present' for each opposing champion.
      At the start of the game, if this is in your deck or hand, summon two Present for each opposing champion.
      "They celebrate without charge bots. They celebrate without Candles. They celebrate without Bottled Lightning or Soul Marbles..."

      Trapped Present

      When a troop enters play under your control, if this is in play: Sacrifice this. Take 3 damage. A random troop you control that entered play this turn gets -1 [ATTACK] or -1 [DEFENSE] .
      Gamer. Streamer. Photographer. Writer. Anime Lover. Possessor of Stuffed Animals.

      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
    • Gift-O-Tron (Mk. VII)
      Cost 1
      Presents you play instead have "2 -> This transforms into a random artifact or troop of cost 2 or greater that you meet the thresholds to play."
      You'd better not cry, you'd better not freak, 'cause this Night of Bells, you'll get what you seek!

      Artwork: Metal pyramid/tree with gripping arms/claws, some holding presents, some reaching toward conveyor belts, obviously swinging in a circular or semicircular fashion, apparently a distribution-type 'bot.

      Pappy Jasper folded his arms, looking at the humming, creaking distribution robot that had been installed. "I dun like it. Kinna complex an' dangerous-lookin'."
      Locke lifted his ears, tucking a soluspanner back into a loop of his belt. "It'll improve the distribution by a factor of six, and will get your bags more organized for the delivery runs. Besides, nothing will go wrong."
      The oversized yeti scratched his belly with a callused hand. "So why's it Mk. VII?"
      Locke's tail paused in its swaying for a moment, his ears flattening a bit. "A few teething problems, necessitating a bit of a rework, including some new wiring-"
      "Somethin' went wrong, dinn't it?" Pappy Jasper cut in.
      "Well," Locke dithered, before giving a slight sigh. "Yes. But the bugs are out. Including those frost-crawling wormoids. And it should be perfect!"
      Pappy Jasper gave the little gnoll a pat on the shoulders. "Yer a good boy. An' no, I'm no' lettin' this select yer present. I'mma get that m'self."
      Locke's tail flipped wildly as the yeti strolled off into the depths of the cave, past the workshop entrances and newly-installed machinery.

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    • Name: Black Market
      Cost: 0
      Threshold Requirement: [BLOOD] [DIAMOND] [RUBY] [SAPPHIRE] [WILD]
      Type: Troop - Market
      Faction: Neutral
      Rarity: Common
      While you control a troop of a different type than want this card has by other means than this card is treated as having that type.
      When your team wins a match than each player on your team learns an extra 25 gold per untransformed Present that you controlled at the end of the match.
      0 /1
      Favor Text: Buy want the governments don't want you to have, here! - a shady dealer
    • Ok... here's an idea. I don't know if anyone that works for Hex looks at these contests, but adding a seasonal opponent to the Frost Ring Arena would be really fun. I'd love to see Pappy Jasper or Tree of Bells there during the Night of Bells celebration.

      Before I veer too far afield though, here's my contest card:

      Lucia's Wreath
      When a card you control transforms into a troop, that troop gets +1 [ATTACK] / +1 [DEFENSE] .
      [DIAMOND] : [BASIC] [2] -> Each Champion receives a Present (in their hand).
      [RUBY] : When a card you control transforms into a non-troop, illuminate.

      Flavor-wise, it's based on St. Lucy ( who herself seems to be much of the inspiration for the Luminaries. Mechanically, it's a "fix" for the disappointing experience of transforming something into a 0/0 (like The Kraken or Hero of Adamanth) only to have it die. That's always a bummer and this lessens the blow. Holiday should definitely be wearing the wreath/hat in the picture.

      And since Presents are PvE, here's some equipment for my card, too:

      Re-wrapping kit (weapon)
      Your Lucia's Wreaths have " [DIAMOND] [DIAMOND] : [BASIC] [6] -> Revert target card."

      Robes of Resolve (chest)
      Your Lucia's Wreaths have " [RUBY] [RUBY] : When you illuminate, gain [1] ."
    • Friendly Snowman
      3 [DIAMOND]
      Troop - Elemental
      [BASIC] [DIAMOND] : (1) -> Frostform
      Deploy and Deathcry - Create a Present for each Champion and put them into their hands.
      If this is damaged by a ruby card, sacrifice it.

      As any child can tell you, there's a certain magic that comes with the very first snow.
    • The winners are in. I graded each card on three metrics: Creativity, Diversity, Elegance. And because of the season, I'm awarding a small token for high achievers in each category.

      Creativity was most important. Being a Card Design Contest, it's important to actually create something new. In this particular category, @invinible made a thoroughly unique card called Black Market. It does two things never done before in HEX. First, it easily gains troop types based on the troops around it. In addition, it gives out-of-battle rewards to cards played in any encounter. So as a bonus award for extra creativity, I'm awarding you a card would work exceptionally well if Black Market existed: 2 x Replica Reinforcements

      The next metric I looked at was game diversity. Grading game diversity, I was looking at whether your card would be able to have multiple uses. A card with a high rating here would encourage a variety of game states or could be used in lot of different ways in different decks. Lucia's Wreath by @Shylba is a good example of a card with high diversity. It has three distinct abilities. Each ability by itself could actually be the foundation of a completely different deck. Maybe put this into a construction plans deck. Or maybe put this in a charge generation deck to have a cheap charge power to use. All together, I can imagine Lucia's Wreath being a supporting card in a variety of different decks. As a bonus award for making a card that possesses several diverse uses, I am gifting a pair of Gront's Gift, a gift that would be another viable way to take advantage of Lucia's Wreath.

      Elegance is in one way the opposite of game diversity, as here you're looking for a certain simplicity. All too often, these card design contests include submissions that have a whole list of abilities that often don't make sense on a single card. What's of course tricky is making sure the card is both elegant, but still interesting. Lightning Brave would be an elegant card due to its simplicity, but terribly boring. The winners of the contest both got top marks in elegance by making cards with clear, concise rules text but still would encourage interesting game play.

      So without further ado, here are the winners of this weeks design contest.

      The runner-up is @Olfff with the submission of the Tree of Bells. Tree of Bells creates an interesting dynamic: transform your presents as soon as you get them to reap incidental bonuses or hoard your presents for a game crushing avalanche. Or of course, maybe you focus a deck around one of the abilities of the Tree of Bells. All told, this card gives a couple different strategies you could use to play with presents. My minor complaint is mainly that it might be a little overcosted, especially considering that this would want to be the same deck as another 6 cost card with no immediate impact on the board: Night of Bells. So for second place, you have earned playsets of the old holiday cards + booster pack.

      The winner of this weeks contest with the submission that I liked best is @Zyblen with the submission of Gift-o-Tron. Maybe I'm just partial to cards that have a little story behind it, but the goal of making sure your presents are not small cost junk is a perfect ability for a 1 cost artifact. It has a simple ability that helps ensure you have interesting cards popping out of your presents. So for first place, you get the Brosi merc and his gift. In addition, you now have the solemn duty to make the next contest.

      So congrats to all submissions, and see you next week.

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    • Thanks ! Glad you liked the tree :)
      Awaiting the Doomwalker's arrival in Entrath since the Beta.

      " Honey, where's my chaos key ?
      - Have you searched in your chaos coat ?
      - Shoot I left it in the chaos car... "

      ... Still be waiting for a while it seems ...
    • Thank you! I'll have the thread up a little later on.

      In the meantime...

      "Aieee!" The howl of a gnoll echoed through the cavern, accompanied by the sailing of one of Locke's assistants onto a (helpfully padded) conveyor belt that whisked him away into a large box with a small window. The hissing and whirring machinery thumped a lid with a pre-applied bow atop it.
      Locke's tail continued wagging as he looked up at the bearded Yeti. "Satisfied?"
      Pappy Jasper nodded, handing Locke both a key to retrieve his minion from the holding box and a heavy, wrapped gift. The small gnoll grunted, as Pappy Jasper looked up at the mechanical monstrosity distributing presents to sorting conveyors. "Gud. And no'ne'll mess wit' it. Just lemme have the codes to turn it off when I need to let someone adjus' the conveyor intakes o' oil an arm."
      "Off-?" Locke froze, his tail pausing as he seemed to shrink into his apron a little. "Uh... about that..."
      "Ye didn' put uh way ta make i' stop, di' yeh."
      Locke shook his head, vigorously. "Well, seems I'm not -quite- done. Call it a free upgrade!" He set his present aside for the moment, hefting a rong-racker and a shield, before wading into the humming, whirring machinery, dodging swinging arms the entire way.