Friday Update! 12.14.17

    • Friday Update! 12.14.17

      As we peek out our heads on this blustery FRIDAY, we see a gentle flurry of vanilla frosting falling on the land... we see a countryside of gingerbread houses and gum drop people... a city of lollipop hookers and licorice pimps... a magical place where the eggnog police beat homeless donuts and the gritty peppermint streets lead to cotton candy skyscrapers with bubblegum penthouses... that's where the sugar baron snorts his tremendous lines of pixy stix dust off sugar plum fairies... Christmas time had come and with it FRIDAYS... ENDLESS FRIDAYS assaulted in the break-room by sugary desserts and treats and bits of snackums!

      so ya its Friday AND almost Christmas, holy heck that sneeked up fast!

      as you are TOTALLY aware every Friday we celebrate the legend of HOLIDAY ASSAULT MAN! with the traditional HOLIDAY ASSAULT MAN FRIDAY... and this is a very special HOLIDAY ASSAULT MAN FRIDAY, as we will be debuting a NEW piece of HOLIDAY ASSAULT MAN art... yes every year I roll out this gem...

      HAHAHAHA!!!! take that RUDOLPH!

      BUT in the spirit of ROCKING THE ASS of some other holiday knuckleheads, I have commissioned the very talented HEX artist Jeex Farfadet to do this! A new masterpiece starring HOLIDAY ASSAULT MAN beating some workshop ELFS with a candy cane!
      SO WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY here it is!!!!...

      Amazing... maybe I will make a calendar of HOLIDAY ASSAULT MAN beating the shit out of ALL the holidays! I think that would be very festive!

      On to the UPDATE of an UPDATE... CRAZY!

      Starting off with tech article by Corey! One of the great things about a digital TCG is you cannot make a "mistake" when it comes to the rules, we handle that part of the game in the back-end BUT understanding the mechanics and how effects will resolve is critically important to making the right play... these sort of deep dives into how our rules work is great for players looking to master the game. Plus its always fun to have Corey explain this stuff... in the future if there is some other suggestion for a "rules" article you would like to see let us know!

      Hopefully everyone enjoyed the Dev Stream and designing a card for HEX... Ryan and Jared are always fun to watch but the added excitement of designing a card as a group project is pretty damn cool. With any luck the community will get around to adding boners to the card... preferably 1000!

      well... we have the HEX primal Immortal Championship coming up! with 3K in prizes... that's pretty awesome! AND if that wasn't enough we have Jeff, Mat and Mike doing coverage for the event on Sunday! We have so many great streamers for HEX it's one of the amazing things (for a game our size) that I am VERY thankful for... I liked @HEX_Manifesto putting up a picture of the records he was going to play... light some candles, put on some music... ya, know... HEX and chill

      Uh... I decided to cancel the events on the 25th and 1st... at first I was like... NO WAY CHRIS... you have to be here in case something goes wrong... literally here in the office, sitting at your computer... and he was like ok *cough* but can I have another piece of coal for the server? *cough* and I was like NO! and don't ask for a bonus! no tiny new cane for tiny tim... BUT THEN, I had this crazy dream with ghosts and shit and when I woke up I bought a giant cooked goose and let everyone have the day off... the end. SO there you have it, we will not be having events on the 25th and 1st. suck it Grinchs!

      HO HO HO looks like we have a new elf in the workshop (I went from scrooge to Santa) THRAWN is joining the official channel on Tuesdays! The dude has done 44 episodes in the last 10 months... and his "Dungeon Masters of Entrath" concept is very cool... reminds me a bit of something a certain community manager used to do...

      speaking of AWESOME community members! Fred has AGAIN made an addition to HEX PVP TOOLS... Jesus the amount of work that goes into these is amazing check it out HERE
      spoiler: you can now sync your collection and see what cards you need to finish the decks your checking out on the site!

      Also, don't forget Colin has his charity stream going with AWESOME PRIZES, tune into tomorrow at 6pm EST to give away Days 1 - 6.

      update: still in submission for PS4 with both EU and Japan, hopefully we will have good words coming at us next week

      Well, that is it! 2017 has been pretty wild, I will not be updating on the update (but there will still be an update) for the next couple of weeks.
      I hope you have a great Holiday! watch out for Holiday Assault Man! and have a terrific New Year... I love you all very much and I am looking forward to 2018!

    • Any early thoughts about when the community could see and vote for the card/s?
      Also... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Hex Team. I hope this year will be creative and fruitful (and with good health as we say here in Greece,really important) for everyone. Cheers! :)
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    • HEXCoryJones wrote:

      HO HO HO looks like we have a new elf in the workshop (I went from scrooge to Santa) THRAWN is joining the official channel on Tuesdays! The dude has done 44 episodes in the last 10 months... and his "Dungeon Masters of Entrath" concept is very cool... reminds me a bit of something a certain community manager used to do...
      It's a labor of love, that's for sure! I've put more than 12 hours of time into building decks for the next dungeon, and I still have more prep work to do. For the next dungeon, I'll be a Dungeon Master in a more traditional "Dungeons and Dragons" sense of the term, and this will be the first dungeon to have a full story to it.

      Here's a preview of what I'm building - if anyone is interested.

      Tomorrow's format is the same as what I've been running on my channel for the last several weeks:
      Common and Uncommon cards only, plus Rare shards allowed.
      The dungeon features 21 decks and 8 final bosses. (Though two bosses have been defeated.)
      Watch Dungeon Masters of Entrath - The HEX Gameshow! Wednesday 8pm EST
      I am ThrawnOmega on Xbox Live, Twitter, Steam, and Twitch.
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    • Let's bet on what kind of friday it'll be for the next Cory update.

      My money is on snail juggling Friday.
      Awaiting the Doomwalker's arrival in Entrath since the Beta.

      " Honey, where's my chaos key ?
      - Have you searched in your chaos coat ?
      - Shoot I left it in the chaos car... "

      ... Still be waiting for a while it seems ...