Card Effects Randomly not Firing (Specifics)

    • Card Effects Randomly not Firing (Specifics)

      I've been noticing several effects in FRA not firing correctly (for instance, deathcries) over the past few days. I just nailed down two specific ones in one game though:

      I was fighting the Poet of Glaaki Elite with the Locket of Reflection out from Hogarth. I used Enthralling Gaze to play his Pod of Shoggoth, and voided a Splinter of Xinlurgash. The Pod did not spawn the Splinter when it readied. Additionally, I played Royal Bloodline, which was doubled due to the Locket. Neither Bloodline spawned any vampires -- they both had no effect.

      Hopefully the specifics help. I've noticed other instances of this happening, but I'm going to start tracking them more closely.
    • I encountered the same bug two days ago while I was playing campaign at sea. The game froze for a few seconds - I thought it was my connection again - then I went ape pressing some keys and when the game started again, my communion of wax didn't trigger and then I played an ice I just got the threshold but no fateweave choice.
    • My internet connection sometimes goes to sleep, so the game freezes when I try to attack and rarely sometimes when I am about to end phase. At these times, even though I want to throw my modem from the window, I "calmly" hit alt+f4 and restart the game. A few days ago when this happened while I was cruising the Alachian Sea spanking some pirates, I accidentally pressed f5 and to my surprise, the game continued. And now I remember correctly, the bug occurred when I was playing Fra. The game froze at my or my opponent's phase and I pressed f5, the game continued but the cards were just played, without effect being activated. The best thing out of all this is that I never have to restart the game again. :) :P