PS4 bug [Gamebreaking Display]

    • PS4 bug [Gamebreaking Display]

      Copied/ Pastied from the original reddit thread here.


      The glitch I'm speaking of is when you press square to look at whatever is highlighted the game bugs and doesn't let you close. This happens on time every time when a prompt happens where you have to press triangle to confirm. I.E. I'm new so I like to read what my opponents hero power or a card that has been discarded or milled into a graveyard does. I usually do this on my opponents turn because it is less painful for the opponent while they are making decisions and it's a habit from MTG.
      Again this happens when you are using the square button to look at anything on the battlefield and another prompt comes up in the backround. I've indentified the problem I don't know of another solution besides looking at things on the board while I have priority.
      Great game keep up the good work. I love the mana system and the majority of the mechanics. Some cards are a little too strong mana cost wise. Favorite mechanic is fate weave damn does this benefit every deck in smoothing out the draws very nice.


      Shouldn't this be under Known PS4 bugs? I'm pretty sure I've read about it in the past. Or is it something that was fixed and then resurfaced?