An Actual Positive Thread about HEX

    • An Actual Positive Thread about HEX

      There has been a lot of turmoil and negativity on the forum lately, so I had a sudden urge to create something positive, even if no one reads this thread. I believe that in order for the negative feedback and complaints to have any weight, one has to honestly recognize and voice the positive things as well. Only bitching constantly about everything (and I will again, but not in this thread) gnaws on the credibility of the poster after a while, because you need to have balance in everything. So, I spent some time perusing the client and tried to find things I am personally thankful for. Some of these are not recent changes, but I never commented on them earlier, so here goes. Whatever my feelings are about some individual features or plans, I cannot deny that there has been constant progress within the game, and this thread tries to showcase that. Heck, it is Christmas soon, so why not spread some goodwill for a change. :)

      1) Although I was against the idea initially, I have to admit that the PS4 launch seems to be a success in terms of new players. I see a lot of console players in game, and I am genuinely glad that we have more players now. This is only good for the game. I really hope most of them stay. So, well played, HexEnt.

      2) I am thankful that the client does not hang during installation anymore, as this was a huge problem for me for about six months. Whatever you did, it has not happened again for me, and for that I am happy.

      3) I like the new UI and graphics. The bigger buttons are appealing to my eye, and it is generally pleasant to navigate around in the game.

      4) Thank you for the new character slots in the Campaign. I have already started making new characters with new adventures.

      5) I want to quickly mention the map revamp, which is a positive change. Yes, ancient feature, but I still want to give it a mention. I remember when the map was completely flat. The current one feels a lot more alive.

      6) Thank you for achieving regular release for new sets. This is very important for PvP oriented players, and thus for the health of the game. No more 9 month gaps between sets, yay!

      7) Thank you for adding the performance options in the game. This gave my old lappy a new lease of life regarding HEX. I bought a new gaming laptop on Black Friday, so no longer relevant for me though. *wicked laugh*

      8 Thanks for speeding up loading the game and the Card Manager. The difference is quite significant compared to what it used to be.

      9) Thank you for the overall polish of the game. This is huge for me. I honestly think HEX is the best-looking card game with the best gameplay and usability of all the ones I have tried. Yes, even better than the one made by the company that is named after a snowstorm. This is preference of course, but I actually hate how that game looks and plays in comparison. The soothing battleboards and slower gameplay of HEX is just something I have never encountered in any game. The overall package is simply superior to anything else out there. I sometimes test some other card game and then quickly return to HEX, because it is almost embarrassing how much better HEX looks and feels. This is a result of painstaking development, and I tip my hat to HexEnt for that.

      10) I saved the most important for last. Thank you for the engaging and deep gameplay that keeps me returning and wanting more. There are many casual CCGs out there, but nothing that provides the same level of options and fun. I recently played some casual games against my friend with a theme that there had to be as much random stuff as possible. I have not had as much fun in HEX in ages. It is just insane how much ridiculous stuff is possible. That reminded me of the crazy possibilities of what a good social experience can be in this game. We just laughed our asses off. I cannot wait to do this with more people. There are just so many toys to tinker and be creative with. No other game can do this. That is why I fucking love HEX.

      See, I adore a lot of things about HEX. I am just so passionate because I am desperate for it to become a huge mainstream success and the king of all digital card games.

      Now, have a lovely day, everyone. <3
    • Game performance is much much better than before, it might've even reached peak in a match. Collection Manager could be a little better tuned.

      Surprised you didn't mention the Singleton and Rock official formats. This is the biggest positive thing as of late, for me personally. I remember a time when people said "We don't need more formats, it will split the playerbase, nothing will be firing". Ridiculous.

      I like the newer sets (both Limited and Constructed) DESPITE the overwhelming amounts of RNG. No, I don't care that majority of RNG isn't Constructed playable, in my opinion it shouldn't exist on more than 5% of a set.

      I have only one objection with regards to the OP

      Ertzi wrote:

      I have to admit that the PS4 launch seems to be a success in terms of new players

      I challenge this. With numbers.

      8,784 draft gauntlets, 1.7% less than July.
      14,526 evo sealed gauntlets, 3.0% less than July.
      1,442 sealed gauntlets completed, 5.4% less than July.

      Bash had an average of 66.7 (-2.3%) players (there was no Bash on July) 2.3% less than October
      Clash is down ~30% compared to July. Fred forgot to include it in the article but he gave us the number here at the forums.

      13,602,107 platinum traded 17% less than July.
      174,904,731 gold traded 9.4% less than July.

      So no, it is 100% not a success, not yet. The game is making less compared to 4 months ago. Giving PS4 players a free deck and free modes to play (because the FREE ladder, the FREE Arcanum Vault and the FREE FiveSHards weekly are the only things that showed increased activity, and these offer nothing to HXE, being FREE and the players running their FREELY GIVEN decks) does not actually help your business directly.

      Side note: In the past 4 months, we've seen HXE changed course and stirring away from PvE. 1 + 1 = 2.

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    • Here are some data about first 21 days after release of set 6, 7 and 8.

      Ranked games Draft playersSeal deckEvo playersIncome from Evo + draft + Seal deck
      Set 628.9258.5713.02417.229$ 156.806
      Set 720.1377.4891.55113.303$ 118.581
      Set 839.9037.6811.43614.059$ 123.483

      Ranked games have shown a fantastic increase :)

      I calculated from Evo + Draft + Seal deck income by asumming 100 plat = $ 1 and a booster PvP = $ 2 and subtracting rewards.

      Imo if HEX has not come out on PS4 Set 8 release would have far worse that set 7 release.
      Now set 8 release have been better than set 7 release but as not good as set 6 release.
    • Hex is a amazing game..., i dont doubt that for sure..., but many ppl claim that we need more pvp modes for the game too grow... and in my view if i want a card game just for pvp i have plenty out there, serious really many for share my time and play them.

      Now if we talk about the pve side... atm we dont have many card games with a pve side, and even if we have like 2 or 3 at best, all are kinda.... at primary stages. So plz, i am not asking here too Hex ent ignore the pvp side, i am just asking for some pve love...

      I saw many games ending or just disappear in time... from bad decisions... i understand that we need the game in more platforms, but if you lose your old players... for just get new blood and obvious ez money... its kinda... mehhhhh...

      I have a list with 72 friends atm.... with barely 3 or 4 online and like 50 i dont see them for more then... 60 days or more...

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    • Thank you for the comments. Anyone is welcome to post anything they want in here, but as we already have the PvE and player number discussion going in multiple threads (I will also jump into those!), I would humbly ask that we keep this one thread focused on positive aspects of HEX. This is my happy place that I need to come to from time to time. :)

      Regarding things I do not mention in my original post, I just left out anything that does not give me joy personally. I wanted to be honest and not make up good stuff for the sake of this thread. Same with negative features. I have plenty to complain about, but I will save that for other threads.

      Okay, happy place achieved, now for my first cup o' joe for the morning. I wish everyone a great day. ^^
    • DeStereo wrote:

      My sister is over for the weekend and I showed her Hex on the first night, she got totally hooked.
      Kinda messed up her trip, no sightseeing, no going to bars, just playing Hex
      Now she's cursing me for showing her this addictive gem of a game :D

      Long live Hex!
      Haha! That's great. You have an awesome sister. Mine is awesome too, but would not play HEX if her life depended on it. :)

      The thing is, everyone I have shown the game and sat them down to play it (of course I have screened the people beforehand, I know my mother would not play it for example :P ) have been excited about it and installed it themselves. We just need more social features that keep the uncompetitive people playing. HEX clearly has a way of creating obsessions though. I have seen it in my friends (suddenly always playing HEX on Steam when I log in).

      Long live HEX!
    • ChicagoCharlie wrote:

      way more Ps4 players than I thought, and now some of them are starting to kick my butt! Seeing Ps4 players in gold/plat on ladder is pretty cool.
      Indeed it was a great idea to make ps4 . Of course we can’t quantify them yet as they need not only test the water but they are totally alone to grow their collection without a f2p mode and no mail. Adding mail and chat willGreatly increase their retention as they will see how great hex is as a community

      I also noticed better loading time plus that small logo that shows loading between Page just makes the game smoother

      I would like to add a thank you for creating a game that TRADES. This is important for me . I play other ccg but I have not put 1 penny because I just dislike their model. Hex is great for that .

      There are a lot of things that can be added about what’s bad but this is my game. This is where I pass 90% of my gaming ( do a mobile version and you’ll have 100%or close enough ).

      I hope you keep adding great features to the game and hope that 2018 is a great year

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    • Hex on PS4 has been fantistic

      Here are data showing average sell of of only cards at AH from HEX left beta.

      FromToGold per dayPlat per day
      12-10-201708-11-20171.966.688 *147.157 *
      09-11-201706-12-20173.573.809 **208.203 **

      *) Before PS4 was release.
      **) After PS4 was release.
      So it seems PS4 release doubled AH card trading :) and got it beck to normal levels.

      Average ranked games per day per season

      Ranked PvP gmes per day
      Nov-Dec 20161.186
      Jan-Feb 20171.202
      Mar-Apr 20171.229
      May-Jun 2017865
      Jul-Aug 2017836
      Sep-Okt 20171.038
      Nov-Dec 20171.889 ***

      ***) season is not over jet so this number might change a bit.
      Hex newer had such a good ranked season ever before :)