PS4 players getting beatdown by Cosmic ranked God's!!!

    • Ossuary wrote:

      Hey Psychosious. Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to come here and share your thoughts and frustrations (I know it's even more difficult for you PS4 guys to participate on the forums, since the PS4 download page doesn't even tell you they exist).
      I just really wanted to highlight this comment and welcome a PS4 player to the forum.

      As others have mentioned, this problem exists since implementation of the ladder and maybe this is just my personal impression but I feell like since my return after set 8 launch, the situation has actually improved. I remember meeting top cosmic rank players (whom I consider very strong opponents because they didn't just reach cosmic but also top ranks and usually more than once, just like Jeff) when I was in silver 1 or gold 5 back in the old days. In this season, I think I haven't played any cosmic player until now (gold 1 at the moment), so this might indicate that the playerbase in the lower ranks has increased or the system has improved?

      I agree that the PS4 icon probably exists to avoid confusion regarding the chat/mailing system. I don't know whether removing the plynth helps to solve the OP's feelings because you might just get annoyed by losing to the same deck all over again regardless of the opponents' ranks. Also, beating well-known top cosmic players with self-brewed decks as bronze-gold player feels pretty good and certainly motivates low rank players to continue clmbing.