Cheat cards into play

    • Cheat cards into play

      Hi everybody.

      Im looking for cards that can be cheated into play with playable alternate casting costs.
      What cards do we have at our desposal to gain momentum against the hardest elites in the frost arena?
      Please let me know the best and brightest ideas you have, I want to make a deck with several of them in the same deck.

      Examples I know of...
      Horrorcrafted Behemeth with EQ Giant's Visage -sacrifice three artifacts and/or troops to bring it back from grave into play- solid!
      Devouring Doomspore - no EQ needed, just sacrifice three troops and put it in play from hand. Could be useful in the right deck.
      Forgotten Triolith with Troika Blades EQ -discard two other cards and itself to put into play, sweet.
      Enter the Dream with EQ Dream Staff - cheats all cards with "dream" in their names into play from the grave. Total menace if you ask me.
      Bloombringer, no EQ needed. Just have a grave with 6 troops and return them to your deck to put it into play from hand. Though 6 is a whole lot, it could make it in a comitted deck.
      Thorntwister, no EQ needed. Just gain enough health to bring cost down to 0.
      Slithering Marauder, no eq needed. Just play enough actions to bring it to cc 0.
      Emerging Blasphem, no eq needed. Just mill opponent enough times to bring cc to 0.

      I know Im missing many with EQs, ther are soo hard to find in the Hex TCG browser so please help me if you have any hints.

      Best Wishes
      -Jonas "prinsallan" Aastrand, Sweden :/
    • Ethereal healer boots give it a chance to cheat into play every time you gain health
      SoR with boots comes into play from hand if they attack (SoR is pr obably the most broken of the bunch currently)

      Also: Robogoyle when against mill(or maybe with self-mill)
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    • If you use Succumb To Madness to put half of your deck into your graveyard:
      Disciple of Yazukan comes out free the next turn.
      Playing equipped Freaky Fungus has a 50% chance to bring out its buried brothers.
      Equipped Sepulchra Maggot creates copies of itself for each trooped killed in a turn.
      Malevolent Mi'go comes out free if the opponent has a troop buried.
      Mawstorm can be played for free for every 4 troops of yours that attack.
    • Ertzi wrote:

      This is one of my absolute pet peeves on these forums, because not everyone knows every abbreviation of every card. Thus, let me just add that SoR = Spirit of Retribution.
      Sorry, I honestly couldn't remember the full name at the time I made the post.
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
    • Orders of High Command has an equip that gives it cost -1 at the start of your turn if you have both Diamond and Sapphire.
      Psychic Ascenscion lowers its cost by 1 every action.
      Saarthu drops its cost every time you use a charge power, though that's equip based I think.
      Engorged Gobbler drops cost by 1 every action.

      Keyword 'Mobilize' revolves entirely around cutting costs.
      Most cards with assault do too.