Pinned New Player Guide - Read Me First!

    • New Player Guide - Read Me First!

      Comprehensive HexTCG New Player Guide
      (As of 17th of March 2018)

      [Blocked Image:]

      Address all feedback and comments to KingGabriel: Forum Pm / Twitter
      (yeti fanatic, general lunatic.)
      "Ardent Forever, Underworld Never!"

      #X quick find codes (use Ctrl+F)

      Section I: Basic Information
      ● Menu UI #M
      ● Starter Cards #S
      ● Battle UI #B
      ● Gem Socketing #GS
      ● Deckbuilding #D

      [Right click>view image to view images in full resolution]

      Shortened Url for this guide:

      I: Basic Information:

      Menu UI: #M

      [Blocked Image:]

      Buttons on Top (left to right): Store, Auction House, Siege (green = active red = defeated) Inventory Stash, Collection, Settings (including help).

      Buttons on Bottom (left to right): Account Level (click to claim rewards on level up) Chat, Whisper(Private messages), Mail.

      P - Platinum count (Purchase from store, or sell cards) [Also winnable via tournaments/siege(PVP)]
      G - Gold amount (Gain from Campaign (f2p) , Arena (f2p) or sell cards) [Also winnable via siege(PvP)]

      (You can use COD (see #G) to convert between the two through other players. Siege is complex so you might want to leave it til later on)

      Random opponent challenge is located inside Tournaments, Constructed Ladder (See #T) has no cost but still has some prizes when you hit certain ladder ranks (refreshing at the end of every even numbered month).

      The rest is pretty self explanatory, with campaign and frost ring arena being PvE.

      Starter Cards: #S

      You start with 200 Starter Cards and 200 Basic Shards of each type. Making a deck doesn't tie the cards to just that deck, you can use them in multiple.

      Please note: These starter cards are account-bound and therefore untradeable.

      (If you're just going stock cards initially, elf/vennen ranger, coyotle/dwarf cleric or elf/shinhare warrior for campaign are pretty easy to handle)

      Battle UI #B

      Confused about the in-battle UI? Here are some annotations:

      [Blocked Image:]

      #1 Void/out of play - left click to show cards stuck here.
      #2 Deck count, with the Beta sleeve showing (right click sleeves to see where they come from). If this goes down to 0 and you need to draw, you lose.
      #3 Your Constants go here - this is just a different card type.
      #4 Priority skip button: Click this to pass priority, or hit spacebar.
      (You can also bind keybindings in the settings menu using ESC to speed things up)
      #5 Threshold/Resource count - Here I have 1 ruby threshold, which is notably seperate from resource count. I have X/Y resources (resources usable this turn/resources usable next turn (in this case X is 0 and Y is 1) - see the terminology section for more.
      #6 Charge count: I have 1, my opponent has 3. Hover over the symbol to
      the right of it to see charge power cost and threshold requirement. You
      have all champions from the start, and can swap it out in the card
      manager by clicking the champion’s name. This screenshot is using the
      campaign champions.
      #7 Champion Portrait - If your health goes to 0, you lose. On the left is the Ardent/Underworld symbol - (doesn't have much in-game effect). Below, the 1/1 you see is a status effect that you can hover over to see what it does.
      #8 Equipment slots - Only used in PvE, shows effects you’ll have on your cards. Click the arrow to show the slots.
      #9 Cards in play - The card with fog on cannot move this turn as it has just come into play. Cards with rocks on are tunneled and will pop when they reach the amount of tunneling counters the card states on them.
      #10 Gold indicator to show who’s priority it is.
      #11 Phase shifting buttons/indicators - use these or the keyboard commands (ESC and settings to see/change key bindings) to move along
      faster. The gear icon by it however enables/disables some of your phases.
      #12 Passive Power - This is tied to champions, and some passive powers will effect both champions and so show up on both.
      #13 This is where the chain occurs - any card/action/effect can be stopped or altered here by another, operating on first in last out) (E.G. Stopping a buff (card enhancement) with a removal card destroying the target that would have otherwise been buffed.
      When the chain isn't in use, this is just another phase indicator, which changes when the phase changes. This is where the coin flip lands too.
      #14 Crypt, with count in crypt - right click to show cards in here.

      Gem Socketing: #GS

      Hex has gems you can socket into certain cards. You may want to socket your cards if they have socketable Major or Minor.
      (click the arrow buttons at the top on the sides to socket multiple versions of the card)
      Click the gear icon to the left of your deck name or the floppy disk icon to save.

      You have all the gems from the start, and they don’t run out. You may only socket 4 of each kind in a deck. PvE classes have unique unlockable gems.
      (E.g. 4 major ruby of twinstrike, 4 minor sapphire of wit)

      [Blocked Image:]

      To have the effect work, you need the threshold stated on the gem in play. This does not add to the play cost, it is just required for the
      effect to work. "On play" gems do not work if you play the card and then gain the threshold.

      Wondering what those icons are below? See the extended art section for more details.

      If you’re stuck improving your deck and/or the card manager seems confusing, this next section might be for you (otherwise, just skip
      ahead to the campaign section):

      Deckbuilding: #D

      [Blocked Image:]

      Here is the Card Manager with one of the PvE decks I use open. You could see it is PvE as by selecting the checkbox icon it would tell me one or
      more of the cards are invalid for pvp, and you can see the equipment slotted next to Ethereal Healer as well as the gold floral border in
      the top right of cards like hunger designating them as PvE (PvE sets are numbered instead of having icons, as you'll be able to see in the
      middle right of cards).
      Also, it lacks reserves (15 cards you can slot in and out between constructed games).

      There is a wide variety of filters you can select from the filter icon and clicking show advanced filters. It should be pretty self explanatory
      but the race and class filters are used for card effects - the champion you pick has no bearing on what cards you can use. Clicking show all
      items shows you ALL the cards in the game, and can be very useful for searching for what you want to get next.

      Next to the filter button (below the platinum amount you have) is the sort button (the up/down arrow icon), allowing you to sort by quantity,
      rarity etc. clicking it again will swap it from ascending/descending order. If you tick show all items then sort by quantity, you can easily
      see what you need for a playset.

      Bear in mind that orange rarity cards are AI only and that HXE sometimes adds promos that are soon to be but not yet in the game.

      Usually you want your deck to be the minimum required (60 cards) and on average 24 shards, depending on your curve. The maximum of a card type you can have is 4 apart from in limited formats (draft, sealed) where you can have as many as you want/get.

      Unique cards are not one per deck, neither are legendaries. Unique cards can only be one on the field per player and if you play a second the first one you played will die.

      The maximum deck card limit is around 300, but the only sensible reason to go that high is certain PvE talents or a card like Jank Bot. Which is hillarious, may I add.

      [Blocked Image:]

      Smooth moves for a walking lighthouse.

      You can click the icons by the sort button (the one by your deck, not at the top) to swap views, allowing you to more easily see your curve.

      Note: Shift clicking your cards will not do anything in the card manager, but will link it in general chat for others to see. (If you wish to see an extended art of a card before using stardust, shift click it into chat, then press up arrow, swap the last 0 to a 1 then hit enter. Please do not spam chat with card linking, though.)

      Clicking the gear icon by the deck name will let you save/load/rename etc. as well as select sleeves (goes on the back of your deck for your deck/cards, obtainable a few ways including some via frost arena).
      Battleboards (In-battle background) and Coins (for replacing coin flips) can also be swapped here.
      You can tick the checkbox by a sleeve/battleboard to make it your new default.

      As of recently there is a separate tab for frost ring arena you need to click to see non-pvp cards in the card collection from the main menu. The Immortal format consists of every PvP set (no equipment), the standard format doesn't allow Shards of Fate or Shattered destiny cards (white top left hexagon on card where card cost is). Siege defense is similar to frost ring arena but with a different ban list. Siege attack uses the standard tab.

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    • Section II: PvE

      (Main F2P element of HexTCG that also grant access to non-F2P parts, given reasonable time)

      Campaign: #C

      Campaign is here and the chapter 2 is out. Personally, I'm very excited for the next patch given how many mercenaries (essentially sub-classes) we got this time around) but lets see what choices we can make already. You have 12+ character slots, but choose wisely as the class/race you pick can vastly affect difficulty.

      [Blocked Image:]

      Note the heart and card icon below the talents showing starting health and cards in hand amount.


      Ranger: Some randomness if you don't go into marked talents but decent removal, not reliant on cards as much with pet. Easy (especially with elf/vennen/necrotic/coyotle)
      Cleric: Sustain, slow play but high survivablity - Medium-easy
      Warrior: 1 less opening card in hand, but can take on enemies head first with its charge power. Medium
      Mage: Low health, high complexity - Hard

      Race-Class combos:

      Top newbie suggestions -

      Elf Ranger (3-shot 1 damage removals with slight random chance without marked talents, flight pet)

      Coyotle Cleric (high survivability, bonus talent point very good with the stock cards you are given)

      Shinhare Warrior (bonus health, random card in hand revives after death, 3 cost charge power allows for a ton of removal power)

      And if you want a mage, although mages are more difficult:

      Elf Mage (+6 health, combat trick spell power) (expect a semi difficult tutorial dungeon to fight through though)

      Avoid - Vennen Mage, Human Cleric, Coyotle Warrior.

      You cannot make a female vennen or dwarf for lore reasons. Current campaign max level is 15. You can right click any of the talents and left click the bold text if they generate a card to see what the card does. Some races get exclusive racial cards at certain points. Check here for details:

      You will have to clear a tutorial dungeon before you can edit your deck or talents. is a good way to see what talents you can get with each class down the line.

      [Blocked Image:]

      Here you see adventure zone 1, with me standing on the first island. At the moment, there is only one way to go, but the path soon branches off. Your choices may affect future encounters. e.g. (picking the first choice every time making the end boss of the first dungeon easier)

      You can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel. Pay attention to the legend in the bottom right as it should help you not get lost.

      It's important to note that the black encounter in the river on the first island is optional and very difficult (Savage Lord then across the bridge is the main path). When in doubt, follow red flags or go back to towns to see if you've missed quests.

      Dungeons are repeatable for loot, map encounters are repeatable if you make a new character and each race has some exclusive rewards for running through that you can then use in any PvE mode.

      Campaign is a great way to get cards and a decent way to get gold, but when you have a decent amount of earned pve cards you might want to attempt frost arena for more gold and some rewards exclusive to it...

      Frost Ring: #F

      Frost Ring Arena was the first part of PvE content for Hex and a good way to start building up your collection f2p-wise. Click the icy button below where starter trials are/used to be to enter. You can use both PvE (will have a crown icon at the top) and PvP cards in arena, but you can only use PvP cards in PvP. This is also true of PvE equipment.

      Unlike the screenshot below, you will not have the skip tier 1 button until you perfect the first tier. You will have three lives with which to fight through the arena, but you keep all your rewards up to that point if you lose them all.
      If you clear the arena, you get an exclusive sleeve. If you perfect it or defeat the secret boss (Uruunaz) you gain another. (3 in total)

      [Blocked Image:]

      An important distinction for the Frost Ring Arena is that as well as there being random champions and challenges throughout, your opponent has a passive as well as an active charge power. The passive power can potentially affect both of you - hover over it if you are uncertain. If you are unsure what a keyword on a card does, right-click on it. If a card transforms into something else, or can generate a secondary effect or card, you can click the bold text to see what it will transform into.

      When you are done playing, you can decide to either Withdraw, keeping what prizes you have earned and resetting arena progress, or Save and Quit to continue later.

      [Blocked Image:]

      If you look in the lower left, you can see I have won 3 gold pouches off the opponents I fought and one piece of equipment or pve card from the boss. Gold pouches are worth a variable amount, with pouches from later tiers being worth more.

      [Blocked Image:]

      A tiny amount, but I wasn’t exactly playing for long. You can hover over the equipment icon to see what card it affects and how it affects it. The equipment piece I got was common, and for a wild card (white text, green border).

      Equipment rarities are as follows:
      ● White: Common
      ● Green: Uncommon
      ● Blue: Rare
      ● Red: Legendary

      You also have the chance to get stardust from these chests: See: Extended Art section.

      Frost ring arena changes since set 7 launch:

      Equipment searching and equipping: #E

      First, either open your main collection or your campaign collection, then click the armor icon tab in the top left.

      [Blocked Image:]

      Double clicking the equipment in the equipment tab will equip it to your champion and after saving its effect will be applied to the card next time you use it in PvE.

      [Blocked Image:]

      You can search by equipment name or card name. As you can see here, I have searched for “Darkspire*” cards and clicked the filter icon so I can see which ones I don’t have, too. This can be a good way of finding what you need for your PvE deck, but weirdly the AH (Auction house) seems to search in a different way.

      When you look at a card, assume that unless it says otherwise:
      A: The effect targets the field.
      B: The effect is permanent.

      That being said, the second adventure zone gives quite a decent amount of gold also and is accessible by about level 5 by going to the river next to the fortune teller at the desert crossroads after picking up a quest (at cave-in or ambling mesa).

      Underworld city with quest:
      [Blocked Image:]
      Ardent city with quest:
      [Blocked Image:]

      Node that takes you to second zone if you click explore (you can go back any time, don't worry about completing the first zone):

      [Blocked Image:]
      Dungeon you need to clear (Bottom left) and area where you get the mercenaries (Top right):
      [Blocked Image:]

      Packs and PvP chests: #P

      I think Matt Miller explains this pretty well here:
      Part 2:


      After completing the first dungeon in the second zone, getting to the town and then heading either two battles northeast or northwest, you get two pre-built decks with mercenary slots. A third slot is obtainable later on, and a fourth if you are a lv15 human. Account leveling also rewards these occasionally but you can find more on the auction house (the common ones are usually 1700g or so). Each of these gives you a swappable champion power and passive powers applying to your whole party. Mercenary powers affect other mercenaries, too. You can also customize a different deck for each slot to deal with weird encounter decks.

      [Blocked Image:]

      [Blocked Image:]
      Completing two mercenary challenges (helmet icon in dungeons) with a mercenary and paying 25k gold will upgrade a mercenary - hovering over the buttons will show you that increases the passive powers of this mercenary, but the actual change can vary - click the + icon to see the change. You cannot do this while the mercenary is in a deck.

      [Blocked Image:]
      As you can see here there is the option to pick a mercenary to fight instead of your main character - or you could use your main character with just the passive powers of the mercenaries. The yellow ! means that the deck is invalid, but there are a few cases where this is just a visual glitch and you can click battle to use it anyway.

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    • Mailing and gifting cards: #G

      Clicking on the mail button then compose and then attach, you can attach cards, equipment, packs, currency etc. then send them to another
      player. Sadly there is no direct trade GUI in at the moment so your only fully secure option for mail trade is using COD to charge them to claim
      the mail. Gold is often traded for Platinum in trade chat. Examples are shown below.

      [Blocked Image:]

      [Blocked Image:]

      [Blocked Image:]

      Auction House: #A

      The Auction house is one of the primary ways to buy cards in hex: Start by clicking the hammer icon on the home screen. You should be greeted with this screen:

      [Blocked Image:]

      This is the default “Buy” screen - clicking and entering in the search bar will display all the cards listed on the AH. There are various filters here so I’ll try to briefly go over them:

      ● Cards
      ● - Subsections that sort by shard type
      ● Equipment
      ● - Subsections that sort into equipment type.
      ● Chests
      ● - Subsections that sort by what has been done to the chest
      ● Packs (search Fate for set 1 packs, Destiny for set 2, and Myth for set 3 etc
      [Add “Primal” to the end of the search to search for primal packs. - see the draft section for the proportion of packs you’ll need for tournament types that use them.]
      ● Mercenaries (PvE only champions, currently unuseable)
      ● Stash Items (Stardust, etc)

      You can then use the drop down menus to filter further. Sort by rarity (the only thing at primal rarity is primal packs/chests), set, art type and/or

      [Blocked Image:]

      [Blocked Image:]

      You can then click the name, time left and minimum bid to sort by those (there's 4 types of sort for minimum bid (gold bid lowest, gold buyout
      lowest, platinum bid lowest, platinum buyout lowest) or you can click cheapest only to show the lowest of each of these categories (but not the full quantity of them). If you’re just starting out, you will most likely be searching for cards in gold prices and wanting the minimum prices for
      those cards, so make sure to follow those steps.

      Be careful: Cards which are PvE only will have embroidery and a crown icon at the top - you can right click the icon to see the full card, and
      hovering over will show how many are in your collection. If you want to see an example of this, look up holiday and right click the icon. It
      will also bring up the corresponding equipment, which you can hover over to see its name, slot and what it does. PvE cards also have a numbered instead of symbol set icon.

      [Blocked Image:]

      Here is the “My bids screen” - here you can see I have bid on an alternate art Arcane Focus and see the time left, whether I am
      the highest bidder or have been outbid, and the current bid on this - it is very easy to rebid from this screen if I get outbid.

      [Blocked Image:]

      Here is the final “My Listings” tab - here you may notice that the filters are similar to the auction house,
      and they work in much the same way.

      If you want to add a new card to list, click the + Add button. This has much the same UI as the deck manager, apart from that it doesn't show cards you can't list (e.g. starter deck cards, shards). You can click the equipment tab to list equipment, or the inventory stash button here to list packs or items etc.

      Now, I’ve searched to find cards with flight:

      [Blocked Image:]

      Again, if you know how to use the card manager this should be pretty self explanatory. (see the deckbuilding section #D)

      [Blocked Image:]

      Clicking on the card will bring up all versions of the card you own. If it has a warning mark by it, hover over it and it should tell you what
      the issue is - it is usually there to indicate the card is in a deck you are using. Double click the copy you want to list, and it will bring
      you back to this screen:

      [Blocked Image:]

      Here, I have swapped it to be listed for gold, putting the start price at 40000g and buyout price at 50000g. I'm selling 3 using the bulk listing option. You can remove your listing at any time, if there are no bids on it. Be very careful when switching between gold and platinum, as it will default to the last used. I’ve known a few people to accidentally list 500p or so rares at 500g by mistake (woops!)

      [Blocked Image:]

      Click create auction and - success! You’ve listed the card and can now see it on the listing page. Note that items in your inventory stash may
      end up at the last page, regardless of what filter you set.

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    • Tournament queues and costs: #T

      (Note: you can click the rewards tab to see the prizes for queues and the arrow at the bottom to see ranking rewards.)

      [Blocked Image:]

      [If you are missing the packs, the game will buy them from the store at 200p each, which is more than the AH but it'll have the 2% primal pack
      generating chance.]


      Click Rewards to see what you can win, and Rules to see what type of tournament this is. Hover over Icons to show cost and whether it is ranked or unranked.

      Asynchronous (Exit and it'll save your progress for later) *these may change occasionally for special events:

      Sealed Gauntlet: 6 Doombringer Packs, 200 Platinum. (Remember you can buy Platinum off players for Gold)

      Evolving Gauntlet: 2 Doombringer Packs, 100 Platinum. Max 5 wins, max 3 losses before it ends.

      Un/Ranked Constructed: Free. Ladder rewards cycle every 2 months but you keep them when it does.

      Draft Gauntlet: Pick 51 cards from yours and your opponents packs, ordered in rarity left to right with left being the rarest card of the pack. (you keep what you’ve picked permanently) , single elimination. 3 FrostHeart Packs + 100 Platinum entry. 3 matches, 2 match losses and you're out.

      Merry Melee: 100 Platinum. Max 5 wins, max 3 losses before it ends.

      Real time (You need to be there during the time for your rounds etc or you'll lose):

      Keep an eye out on the main site for special tournaments that will occur in-client. If there is a cosmic crown showdown on soon, your ranking will count towards that.

      Extended Art: #EA

      [Blocked Image:]

      Ready to make your shin'hare even shinier? Look no further! Simply right click on a card in your card manager and you'll see your stardust count
      at the bottom. (Stardust may be bought from store (see below), bought off the AH or found as PvE loot)

      [Blocked Image:]

      Using this will extend the art of your card! If you want to see the text again, press the icon on the top right of the card that looks like an
      exit icon with an arrow pointing north-east. This will only display it with text, it does not remove the EA effect permanently.

      [Blocked Image:]

      You may be wondering what siege is on the main screen - is it something pvp? pve? Well, it's actually both in a way. It's a new game mode where you fight or design an AI gauntlet for currency. The in-game details when clicking view rules inside the game mode mostly covers everything (I'd suggest reading those), but there's a few bits and pieces extra you might want to know.

      Decks made for defense should be made using the siege defense (PVP+PVE+equipment) tab which auto-sorts to what is useable for defense.
      Click the blue icon above the champion selection on this screen to select AI personality type - feel free to experiment swapping between to see what works best.
      You can click the practice button to duel against your own siege deck for further testing.

      Decks made for attack are standard format (see:
      You can sort the categories ascending or descending by clicking the tabs such as cost to attack.
      The free sieges are developer made sieges just for fun, but people have been known to set sieges at minimum stake just to have attackers play through a fun design also.
      You might think that losing to a siege means you should avoid it. However, now that you know what your opponent is running you might want to attempt revenge to try and reclaim what you've lost.
      Opponents can see the battleboards and sleeves you select. Taunts (text box icon) must be refreshed when you lose and the decks must be re-selected.
      You can withdraw and gain the remaining bounty back but if you do this while being battled you will auto-lose those battles.
      You can sort categories ascending/descending by clicking on the tabs.

      The siege defense log on the right shows the outcome of fights. After a battle, waiting a bit allows you to click the blue download button, then wait, then click the play button to view a replay (don't multi-click or it'll go slower)
      When in this mode, delays the player makes are shown in battle chat - quick mode removes most delays from the replay. You can exit at any time by clicking the back button on the very top left of the screen. All delays are wiped after you start a new defense.

      Merry Melee #MM

      Merry Melee is an umbrella term for a lot of wacky, fun tournament types. As of 24th May 2018, there are two merry melee modes, soon to be more. Details on merry melee can be found here -

      Keyword guide #K

      You may want to read/download the official set 2 FAQ here:

      Main thing to remember is that most cards when right-clicked will pop up with a tool-tip of what their keyword does.

      Terminology: #G

      [Blocked Image:]

      Note: doubleback is not in yet, the buttons at the -very- bottom are presently nonfunctioning. The logo inside the rarity symbol is the set

      Card rarities are as follows:
      ● White: Common
      ● Green: Uncommon
      ● Blue: Rare
      ● Red: Legendary
      ● Orange: AA (Alternate art)
      ● Black: Generated by card effect only. Unobtainable.

      Shard - Cards with “shard” in the name - you have 200 of each of the base ones to start off with.
      Resource - [L1][R1] L - resources you can use this turn R - resources you can use next turn.
      Threshold - Top left of cards, required to activate gems.

      Ramp - Increasing your resources, using cards such as Chlorophyllia to gain more than one resource per turn.

      [Blocked Image:]

      Curve - Having a smooth graph-like curve of card costs in your decks
      (most cards at 3-4 cost, less at both ends.) This should be shifted if
      you have enough Ramp.
      Drop - Cost
      Basic - Can only be used on your first and second main phase, and not in response to cards.
      Quick - Can be used on your turn or your opponent’s and to respond to cards if you choose.
      HexEnt: Hex Entertainment
      GF: Gameforge
      Comp: Competitive
      Swiss: Not Single elimination
      WTB/WTS/WTT/WTTF: Want to buy/sell/trade/trade for

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    • Suggestions/Asking for Help #S

      Asking for help in chat and common rarity cards in chat is fine, but try and keep most requests to help chat if nobles are on. Nobles are Hex Staff and chat moderators. They have the prefix NOBLE in front of their name, and usually answers questions in help channel. If you need to talk to them in private, feel free to use /t name msg to whisper them. You can see a full list of chat commands by typing /? in chat then hitting enter.

      Note: Nobles usually have orange chat boxes, unless you whisper them.

      [Blocked Image:]

      [Blocked Image:]

      Note if you cannot access the Auction House you usually need to proceed further in campaign first although people will be able to mail you cards in the meantime. If cards aren't listed in gold, use the C.O.D box as in the auction house section to trade between gold in plat in trade chat. They have to pay the amount set there to claim your gold sending mail. If you are unsure of current gold rate, usually asking in chat or observing trade chat should give you a clear rate, but there isn't much harm in trying to haggle a better deal.

      VIP: #V

      Extra info:

      • VIP Tournaments are 4 best of 3 Swiss and occur the last full weekend of every month. They alternate between constructed (VIP ticket + 500p) and sealed (VIP ticket + 1600p - 200p per pack)Jul 29th - 31st: SealedAug 26th - 28th: ConstructedSep 23rd - 25th: Sealedetc.
      • Each VIP weekend has 6 tournaments at the following times (note: some roll over to the next day)
      • Day Fri Fri Sat Sat Sat Sun
      • PDT 10AM 7PM 3AM 11AM 6PM 9AM
      • EST 1PM 10PM 6AM 2PM 9PM 12PM
      • GMT 5PM 2AM 10AM 6PM 1AM 4PM
      • The rewards for the tournaments are as follows:0 wins: 1 pack1 win: 2 packs2 wins: 3 packs and 1 of each AA card3 wins: 6 packs and 1 of each AA card4 wins: 10 packs and 2 of each AA card
      • The alternate art cards rotate every four months:January - AprilMay - AugustSeptember - December < link explaining real world trading stance.

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    • FAQ: #F
      Q: Arena froze? What do I do?
      A: Hit spacebar a few times. Try pressing F8 to skip past blocking phase, F10 to end your turn. Bare in mind you can re-launch your client and login again quickly and keep your place. Conceding is also an option, as you have three lives. Alt-tabbing will undo F8 and F10.

      Q: I encountered a bug! Where can I report it?
      A: You can report it here, but please check your opponent’s passive power first, as it is very easy to mistake that for a bug:
      Known Issues Tracker

      Q: I have a problem that needs reimbursement! Where do I go?
      A: Do not use hex support to report bugs. You will need to make a new account.

      Q: Are any cards locked to the race I chose at the start?
      A: No.

      Q: How do I change my password?
      A: Click forgot password here:

      Q: The game isn't in my language? What can I do?
      A: Change the language by opening the launcher and clicking in the top right drop down menu. This will also put you in a custom chat channel for your language (on top of still being able to use general, trade, battle (etc.)

      Q: How do I see my doubleback?
      A: Not currently in yet.

      Q: I see people with another battleboard! How do I get it??!
      A: Store, Chark Mart has a rotating one every month for 1000p you keep. As of time of writing it's the forest board. Some can also be won in tournaments.

      Q: When can I open chests?
      A: You can right now! You might need to drag slightly above the pool to open them though.

      Q: An image is messed up, what do I do?
      A: When you have time, relaunch and click repair install. This can solve a variety of issues.

      Q: Do I get refunded when I get outbid?
      A: Yes, although as with any AH purchase/sale there may be a couple seconds delay. When in doubt over items, relaunch and relogin.

      Q: Will this game have disenchanting so I can get rid of scrap cards?
      A: Yes, this is a planned feature.

      Q: Can I change my name?
      A: Yes, put a ticket into hex support under misc. You can see if a name is taken by doing /friend name. If it says they do not exist, the name isn’t taken.

      Q: How do I make a screenshot?
      A: There is no ingame function for this at present. Press your prt sc/printscreen button on your keyboard, or alt+prtsc. (If you are on a Mac, command-shift-3 or command-shift-4.)
      Then, paste it into an image editor and save. This may be required for reporting bugs into hex support for item reimbursement purposes. Screenshots may not work if you are playing in fullscreen mode (Can be toggled from settings).

      Q: Why do some people in chat have orange text?
      A: They are HexEnt employees.

      Q: How do I talk to my opponent in-game?
      A: Battle tab.

      Q: A Dragon is after my gold horde! What do I do?
      A: I'll happily keep any gold safe from dragons. No refunds, mind.

      Q: I want your signature! Gimme!
      A: That's not a question. Also:

      Keyboard shortcuts/chat commands: #CC

      Shift+Click: Link card you possess in collection or can see on the board/in your hand (etc.) in-game into chat as a clickable link.
      /t username message: Private message player
      /s : Switch to general chat
      /l: Switch to local (battle) chat
      /ignore: Ignore target player
      /unignore: Unignore target player
      /friend username: Sends a friend request to target user. Can also be used to check if a username is taken; if not it will say “X doesn’t exist”.
      Shift+Enter: Minimize chat
      Ctrl+Down: Minimize chat

      -Reconfigurable in settings-
      F4: Attack with all troops
      F5: Go to attack phase
      F8: Go to end phase
      F10: End turn (pass all priority, toggleable)
      Space: Pass priority
      Esc: Open concede screen/cancel action

      Chat symbols (do not overuse)
      [L1][R1] [SKYGUARD] [STEADFAST] [RAGE] [FLIGHT] (etc)
      [(3)] [3]
      [ARROWR] - typing this as arrowr in card collection shows all cards with the >, which can be useful for finding payment power cards.

      Further reading: #FR
      Good article on when to mulligan and probability of drawing certain kinds of hands.

      Hex Wiki:

      Hex Video on Demand (very good at grouping hex youtube videos)

      Common Tech Problems #CTP
      - Heavy resource issues
      Consider lowering your settings and/or deleting your gameboards to lower resource usage: Steps on how to do that
      This may also be due to your computer using the wrong setting:

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    • Your highness,

      You don't need to explain the user interface because new players can hover their mouse over buttons and icons and read the descriptions themselves. As Martin LeBlanc‏ said, "A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good." I'm afraid I cannot recommend this guide.

      Please don't execute me.
    • Slight issue with updating the guide - the UI is presently having scaling issues - should I wait til those are fixed, or put up a disclaimer and update the screenshots etc? I mean, in theory people should be able to understand the new UI with the current screenshots already but I'm a bit unsure on it. Thoughts?