Sockets in PvE

    • Sockets in PvE


      so at the moment you can only choose the standard sockets in PvE, while still having access to all immortal cards, which honestly feels kinda weird.
      Also i recently noticed that a created socketed card can have any socket not only the standard ones.

      So my suggestion would be, to give access to all socket in PvE, to increase posibilties in deck building, as well as getting rid of that weird feeling of having access to old cards and be able to create old sockets but not being able to equip them.

    • I completely agree.

      Aside from the fact that it is weird to not be able to use all gems while being able to use all cards it's also extremely annoying to have to update every deck once gems rotate.

      Although that may not even be solved if all gems could be used because with the last gem rotation I had to update all my Immortal decks anyway.
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