Constructed - Defining a meta (supporting all constructed formats now)

    • Gregangel wrote:

      jjst a little suggestion about this great job : I would prefer an unique spreadsheet with tabs for every formats in it.
      Just one thing what do you mean exactly, having all formats (past and current) or only having the current ones in one list, because I imagine that when we have dozens of formats in one spreadsheet would be unwieldy to navigate. If is the latter I could give it a try when set 9 drops.
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    • Ok, I updated everything witht the new lists and added the las formats to the previous formts section.

      Also just as @Gregangel suggested I created a master google sheet that contain all current formats (the link will still link to the specific char sheet of the format within that shee so nothing to worry). This should make it easier when one to look at all current formats.

      Whenever a format no longer current is, I will take it out of the sheet and put it in its own sheet.
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    • I have updated both the Standard and Singleton lists, also added these previous formats to the previous formats list.

      Also, due to the Bashes changes I adopted a new policy for data going foward (not that will ahve much impact):

      All swiss tourneys will be only looked at the X-0 results (with exception of 7 or more rounds being played which X-1 results will also be looked at), unless the tourney has a top 8 cut for it after the swiss part, which then I would look at the top 8. Single Elim tourneys will always be looked at the top 8. (This also means that the final bash that was played the old way I took the top 8 results).

      This will cause less data per Bash be collected but with twice as many bashes being played now should balance it out.
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