Dead of Winter Patch - New Equipment Guide

    • Dead of Winter Patch - New Equipment Guide

      I had a bit of time on my hands, and I looked through the equipment list (filtered the equipment tab to show all). I have not had much luck in locating topics that state which equipment comes from where, but these are all the new equipment that was added in the last patch. I know the vast majority of this comes from the chests obtained from opening packs, but 30 (I think 31 actually) were added to the loot tables for the Frost Ring Arena. I wanted to get more people in on where to find each equipment piece. Can anyone confirm where each item comes from amongst the list below?

      Night of Bells 2017:
      Uncommon: Naughty and Nice
      Rare: Yule Log

      Ardor Day 2018:
      Uncommon: Lovebound Barbut
      Rare: Love Triangle

      Frost Ring Arena New Additions:
      Common: Bursting Bands


      Adhesive Aquamitts
      Ascus Axe
      Backstage Pass
      Barbcharged Battleplate
      Bear Gloves
      Blighted Bangle
      Borean Bracers
      Brutal Boots
      Candlelit Crown
      Corpse Anchor
      Crafter's Cuffs
      Dawn Chargers Cowl
      Decayed Robes
      Desired Pendant
      Diseased Bone
      Displacement Collar
      Dogweed Duster
      Draxard's Heart Protector
      Eventide Boots
      Feralfuel Backpack
      Fresh Froggy Frock
      Gallon of Chaos Milk
      Gamma Gauntlets
      Gleeful Girded Grand Guard
      Greatblade of Judgment
      Grimplekin Goggles
      Heartseeking Dagger
      Illuminated Sheet Music
      Manic Robes
      Molliying Mitts
      Name Claimer
      Nameless Mitts
      Night Tearer
      Pal's Pajamas
      Quazrion Boots
      Rowdy Rod
      Shard of Illumination
      Shawl of Vaelena
      Sunlit Scribe
      Targe of Darkness
      Temporal Treads
      Twilight Scout Gloves
      Twilight Visor
      Umbra Gauntlets
      Unhenged Haurberk
      Warglaive of Light
      Waxed Warplate

      Apprentice Wizard Gloves
      Ash Filled Fists
      Candle Lighters
      Cloak of Confession
      Coiled Walking Cane
      Collossus Shadow Axe
      Consuming Receptacle
      Corvid Feather
      Cute Shoes
      Day Dress
      Disruptive Drivers
      Familiar's Tasty Treat
      Feralfuel Hyperborean Moccasin
      Flash Frozen Fistss
      Galvanic Gauntlets
      Granite Gauntlets
      Gravitross Slayer
      Grungy Ballet Slippers
      Guardians of the Galaxtar
      Harmonious Cowl
      Heartsworn Collar
      Heartsworn Throat Clutchers
      Icarian Slippers
      Idol of Kazraga
      Jinglejinx Gloves
      Luminous Raiment
      Luminous Skylance
      Marshpit Club
      Metal, Mind Case
      Metasoma of Mutation
      Proselytizing Sabotons
      Purgatory Palms
      Rose Emblazoned Tabard
      Sadistic Stompers
      Skylancer's Breastplate
      Sunset Cap
      Sylvan Storm Slippers
      The Null Veil
      Thorn Emblazoned Gauntlets
      Yellow Sign Cowl

      Balthasar's Tears
      Blightwater Paddle
      Blood Fueled Gloves
      Bulwark of the Silver Talon
      Cereus Headress
      Chalice Gauntlets
      Cosmic Crown
      Croven Dagger
      End Writer
      Eternal Compass
      Groupie's Wig
      Handwraps of King Kagraza
      Hood of Momentous Opportunity
      Merry Mitts
      Missionary Robes
      Mordrom's Heart Scepter
      Organ Trail Blazer
      Pint of Merry Ale
      Rime Walkers
      Rock of the Scorpion King
      Runeflect Boots
      Sacrificial Blade of the Cabalist
      Shamrock's Gold Vest
      Sovreign Sky Stalkers
      Stainless Steel Popper
      The Nimomancer's Cloak
      The Randomly Sorting Hat
      Yetiproof Skullcage

      Battlecage Battleplate
      Blitz Boots
      Brighthammer Barbute
      Dragonspeaker's Brooch
      Glorious Standard
      Hands of the Soverign
      Judgment Day
      Little Nimomancer Sceptor
      Lixil's Ageless Brooch
      Puck's Piccolo
      Reactive Power Core
      Riftstorm Coat
      Rumbling Buffers
      Spellstorm Striders
      The Goldfather's Ring
      Voyagers Grips
      While an Ace in the hole is good, two Aces are better...

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