Anyone already tried to make a Quarkix deck?

    • I haven't tried the merc yet, but I tried a portal deck in FRA and the results weren't.... Stellar. Portals are pretty meh, and sometimes they don't make anything worrh playing for an entire game.

      There might be something that can be worked on to make it consistent, but I haven't had time, or desire, to work on it more. That being said, the merc will probably be better in the campaign than the portal deck is on the Arena, which is a place that likes to punish derpy decks built for fun
    • I've tried it, and the results were pretty lackluster. The charge power does frequently create Legendary Portals, and your hand quickly gets filled with unlimited cards that are changing every turn. But it is very slow to start, and by the time you've played a few portal enablers, the portal cards themselves tend to feel pretty "win more". The fact that they are constantly changing also makes it incredibly difficult to have any kind of long-term plan. It is interesting, and it can win, but I haven't found a way to make it really compelling.
    • I've just run into this old thread.

      I wonder if a playset of Arena Regulars with equipment + some cheap charge generation (Lightning Elemental, Heartsworn Caller, crackling spells) would help the champion even more.

      At least, constant card advantage would be assured.
    • Firellius wrote:

      Constant card advantage is assured passively because the first portal you play each turn is copied into your hand.
      True! I mean moooore! :D

      Because the higher number of portals you have, it's get's more likely that one of them is useful to play. Also, possibly using champion power in every turn would make Arena Regular a threat in itself.

      i don't have the champion yet, but I plan to construct a deck for it sometimes, because it sounds crazy fun.