Spanish translation - Tutorial and Menus

    • Spanish translation - Tutorial and Menus

      Tutorial bugs:

      Test1.png -> First paragraph left untranslated.
      Test2.png -> Player's prompt left untranslated.
      Test3.png -> Missing space between F4 and PARA in (PULSA LA TECLA F4 PARA SELECCIONAR)
      Test4.png -> Player's prompt left untranslated.
      Test5.png -> Deploy keyword in Tooltip untranslated. Wrong tilde in "Cuándo", it should be Cuando. Awkward second sentence (style), preferred: Cuando esta carta entra en juego, se ejecutará el siguiente efecto.
      In the Tutorial window: In Spanish, text in brackets are written within the paragraph, not as a separate entity. habilidades (haz clic con el botón derecho sobre una carta para verla mejor).
      Test6.png -> Different keyword "Saltar" (in the Tutorial window) and "Pasar" (prompt/button).
      Test7.png -> Missing ending commas in "Esta carta no puede bloquear".
      Test9.png -> Missing translations: Necropolis Ward - Deal 1 damage... (champion ability). And Resolve Button.

      Menu bugs.

      Tes11.png -> Settings menu: Language -> untranslated. Dropdown menu with languages to select appear with iso-abbreviations instead of the languages translated.
      Account untransalted
      Test12.png - > Levantr Carta seleccionada en la mano -> Levantar (missing a). Carta shouldn't be capitalized: -> Levantar la carta seleccionada en la mano. (much more idiomatic).
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    • Battlegrounds menu:

      test13.png -> Preconstruida -> word is truncated and really unpleasant to see. Rewards and Rules are left untranslated. "Preconstruida" is an awkward choice, it should be "construido", which is the correct term in the TCG world, as "preconstruida" could also mean that the decks are preconstructed decks (same thing as the "premade" setting in Dueling Pits from PS4 client).

      Test14.png -> Unranked constructed, rewards and rules are untranslated. Error persists in immortal queue.

      Test15.png -> Evo sealed is untranslated. Rewards and rules are untranslated.

      Test16.png -> Rewards and rules are unstranslated. "Sellada" is an awkward choice, it should be "sellado", which is the correct term in the TCG world.

      Test17.png -> Leva is an awkward choice. In TCG world the coined term is the english "draft". Rewards and rules are left untranslated

      Test18.png -> Gauntlet appears untranslated in the first two gauntlet tournaments and appears incorrectly translated as Guante in the last tournament. Term "sellado" doesn't correspond with test16.png term "sellada". Draft gauntlet appears incorrectly translated as "Guante de borrador" (glove of rubber eraser, seriously?, even google translate doesn't do that). Launches when full incorrectly translated as "comenzar cuando esté lleno", it should be "comienza cuando esté lleno" (following the given translation).

      I will resume testing when I have the time and will post more suggestions. But, to sum up, right now, the first 30 minutes of the game for a new Spanish player are not a very good experience if Spanish language is used.
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    • Hello, thanks for your inputs. I'm one of the spanish translators of the game. The tutorial was revamped and some lines that were translated falled into two categories: either missing or pre-translated using an automatic input (of course, these shouldn't see the light). These were fixed, but for some reason, it didn't make it through the new patch. These lines were translated before we took charge of the spanish translations and we're in the process of fixing them (issue is we also have a lot of untranslated strings that have priority).

      If you would, you can send further suggestions directy to me and I'll take care of them. Most of them are in the process of being fixed, if they're not already.
      Twitter: @Plotynus
    • Hi, Plotynus, glad to have your input.

      In my opinion, if a translation is at a WIP state in which there is still fixing to be done, the translation shouldn't be pushed at all. It's not about "let's put what we have and we are set". Either you have it or you don't. And right now, HEX doesn't have it.

      I post this as I know that this isn't your fault nor the rest of the Spanish translation team's fault (probably, this is caused by the gameforge split). But if you have "Spanish" on the menu, you should offer it on the menu. It's like going to a restaurant, ordering a hamburger with fries, and getting two slices of bread, some tomato and raw potatoes. If your chef can't deliver, then don't deliver. Don't offer it. The general localization state of the game as it is right now, doesn't comply to any professional auditing standard.

      As the game has a lot of untranslated strings that have priority (sic), I won't bother myself with further testing. I'll do another 30 minute run in January 2018, I hope that by then, the game has a better image.