Lore Locked - A Bite Out of Life

    • Great idea and I really look forward to watching this and trying the deck. So thanks in advance.

      My only comment now would be that it might be nice to have some future decks based around cards that aren't so expensive, just in case a new player, or a mostly FTP PvE'r, picks up on this series. A new player may see this vid and want to jump into PvE only to find that those vampires would be sucking his wallet dry ;)

      I guess @NicoSharp did that nicely with his series where he broke down rough costs of each card, so maybe it's not so much of an issue here.
    • Hello and thank you for the comments!

      @Mejis - I'm certain there will be theme decks that don't break the budget, but many of the faction leaders or key lore cards are legendaries. Part of the fun of this series will be showing off those cards that people might not have and introducing them to that lore. You are correct that Nico does a fantastic job breaking down cost on his excellent series, which takes the pressure off me to provide more of that same information and just focus on telling a story. From your advice though, I might see how plausible it is to discuss budget-friendly alternate cards without changing that focus too much.

      @Nico - Appreciate the compliment!

      @Corvus - Your suggestions have been added to my list! I have a whole bunch of ideas, so the more something gets requested, the higher up the list it'll get bumped.

      @VicMan - Hopefully the next deck will be more to your liking, but I'm glad the video still entertained you!

      I'm thrilled to be back to serialized content and looking forward to delving into more topics so thank you all for your support!