light 'em up combo deck

    • light 'em up combo deck

      1. make 2 light 'em ups cost 0
      2. do infinite damage

      played a few games. it worked better than i expected. maybe someone can tune it further.

      the drop-shards could probably be a different mixture. these are just the ones i own. they're just discard fodder!/deck=281393

      Champion: Blue Sparrow
      • Troops
      • 4x Arena Regular
      • 2x Mindcaller
      • 2x Alchemite
      • 4x Searing Spitfire
      • Spells
      • 4x Arcane Alacrity
      • 4x Light 'Em Up
      • 4x Mindcall
      • 4x Change Course
      • 4x Theorize
      • 4x Paired Power
      • Resources
      • 3x Feralfuel
      • 2x Nameless Draught
      • 2x Ruby Ice
      • 3x Ruby Shard
      • 2x Sapphire Ice
      • 4x Sapphire Shard
      • 4x Shard of Innovation
      • 4x Well of Innovation
      • Reserves
      • 4x Halt
      • 4x Runebind
      • 3x Shroud
      • 4x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
    • yeah i tried something similar and than i tested it and have to say: What do u do if dont draw your combopieces, or if they are destroyed?

      So i built up many other types of deck for light' em up and ended in ruby with a splash of diamond.
      Really not nearly where i want to end, but much better than this type of combo here i think :)
      because all you need to die with this deck is a herofalll/Into the unknwo at your regular/arcane alacrity and you can make nearly nothing against the oppenent

      and why do u play feralfuel? i dont gives a charge and you cant use the spell, because you need a gladiator target already oO
      Dinglers are the best race on Entrath!