[Campaign Budget Farming] Monoruby Spider Vennen Ranger 15

    • [Campaign Budget Farming] Monoruby Spider Vennen Ranger 15

      Here's my revisit of monoruby budget Big Spider. I love the two shard deck, but the consistency on this is smoother than anything.


      My modified take on what I find to be the most efficient version of Big Spider. Based on Lockgor's Phearox Monoruby Big Spider.

      Talents: Pet Training: Ferocity, Pet Training: Shared Exercises, Pet Treats, Ranged Expertise: Overwatch, Ranged Expertise: Scattershot, Eye of a Sniper, Hunting Party, Bonded for Life, Survival Skills x2, Improvised Firebomb, Every Piece of the Animal

      Merecenary loadout: Clatterclank, Baxoth of Korru, Flamehand

      Champion: Vennen Ranger Male


      3x Spectral Acorn
      3x Burn (Gloves)
      3x Combat Training
      3x Cremate (Head)
      3x Seeing Red
      2x Blade Flourish (Boots)
      3x Crackling Bolt (Weapon)
      3x Pyre Ceremony (Chest)
      3x Ruby Aura (Trinket)
      3x Soul of Battle
      3x Spontaneous Combustion
      3x Boulder Toss
      3x Vuul's Clutch


      4x Ruby Ice
      18x Ruby Shard

      Pyre Ceremony is amazing for huge turns. It helps cement turn 2 kills more often than not. 5 resources is enough boulder toss then swing with soul of battle or swing and spontaneous combust. You'll have a dreadling, a chew toy, or a megabot to burn through, so plenty of cheap sacrifice. I put in Cremates for free two damage after your dreadling dies. If your ability makes cremate a 0 cost card, it becomes 2 damage and 1 free resource!

      For painless encounters, firebomb basically locks the board for you. I often pop it over pumping unless I can kill that turn.

      Ruby ice is good for those slower hands that don't have a turn one drop and wait to explode until turn 2. Lets you stack up an action. Anyway, I'm absolutely pasting GMG with this in short time to buy up uncommons from set 8 using bankerbot. Thanks, BankerBot!

      Budget: Soul of battle can be replaced with Fireball or Zap easily. I like Zap because I rarely make it to triple ruby!
    • I would like to know, how fast does it get past the robot assembling nods in GMG? I usually do the first and third one to be gold efficient. But with a vennen spider the middle one could be fast too.

      And do you somehow update your priority stops?

      Once I get to, I will try your version out. :D
    • With the unblockable on the pet, even the crusher encounter isn't a big deal. Boulder Toss and Spontaneous Combustion are great for clearing the crusher faster. Scrap bomb is the worry, but usually you can ramp up out of range for that. I like to keep a combustion handy just in case. With Vuul's clutch and soul of battle, if you lose your spider, mid game becomes viable. Pyre ceremony shifts to removal over acceleration at that point and is capable of taking out turret walls. With less dreadling and side creatures, it goes quicker as you're not trying to swing past walls.

      I've never felt the need to update my stops. All I've needed is time to respond to a scrap bomb. And your firebomb can lock the board to where they don't play those.

      I hope you find it effective!