UI: can't show a 6 item menu?!

    • UI: can't show a 6 item menu?!

      Everything seems to have got bigger on the screen. this is not good as it means much less information on the screen at once (it's already bad that AH can only manage ~6 items at a time)

      Not being able to see the whole battlegrounds menu (all 6 items!) is just absurd (and not in a good way).
    • It looks as if you have a 1080p monitor, you don't have to scroll but if you have even one size smaller you do. I assume this change is in preparation for mobile launch.

      I can't help but feel like we are playing a version for the visually impaired on the PC now. Although I am not one to gripe about change, the size of the "on demand" tab is acceptable if there is a good reason for magnifying it like that. However, adding the white shading effect to tournament Pairings/Standings seems like a strict and frivolous downgrade in visibility as the font is also light colored and now the top name in each pairing is harder to read despite the larger size.
    • I actually play in a window most of the time but the size of the window is strictly tied to the resolution I pick (presumably to match the desktop resolution).

      It's horrible and aggravating in any case and a more compact view should be available (also for AH and card views) regardless of resolution ...I can understand not putting the resources into adding those options but it's disappointing to have them change it and not allow the old (better) layout to remain available.

      If the tablet needs bigger more baloony menus well ok.. but that doesn't mean PC users should have them imposed.