So what do you think about Set 8 limited so far?

    • So what do you think about Set 8 limited so far?

      I've run 3 drafts now, went 3-0, 2-1 and 1-2.
      So all in all pretty mixed results but I have to say I've had tons of fun in every single match I've played.
      Unless there were shard issues every match felt really close with a lot of interaction and decisions to make.
      Verdict feels very rewarding and at the same time very interesting to play against.
      Momentum is stronger than I expected if you can keep it going (as the name implies ;) ) and I've seen really crazy portal stuff going on.
      It's too early to tell but at the moment it feels like this is going to be one of my most enjoyed limited formats we had in Hex :thumbsup:
    • Portal is fun. But not broken as far as i've seen. But I can't really speak about portal yet, I have one game playing portal, did'nt draw my guazarus, or my R/S entity, it's the illuminate ruby girls who won me the game, not portal.

      That ruby uncommon that illuminates on attack is a real mvp.

      Verdict is strong. It's kinda hard to build efficiently but if you can verdict multiple times per turn thanks to your constants, it's ridiculous. Each small advantage increments with the others and the snowball effect is real. Had " in the halls of twillight" and the when you play spirit , verdict constants. and it was really strong.

      But unless you get your good constant uncommons, verdict is kinda weak if you can't spam it.

      So far it's B/W that imrpesses me the most.

      The hag + herald of undeads + corpsemulch + plagueroot = fear my army of evergrowing blightblossoms that become +1 atk and lifedrain, and all get pumped when hag sacrifice one.... you want to kill something and i have 2 ressources open ? thanks for the card and 2 health. You want to block something ? are you sure, like, arcing venom exists...

      Thanks for all the constant hate in the set. Because so many constants are game changers now.
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    • Vroengard wrote:

      Shinjica wrote:

      Verdict is fun, portal sucks like conscript
      Can you elaborate on that?
      "Sucks" as in "It's bad (weak)"?
      "Sucks" as in "It's too strong (sucks to play against)"?
      Or "sucks" as in "RNG effects all suck, whether strong or not"?
      portal has the same problem as conscript. I watched someone created a Mama Yeti for the win.

      I dont understand why they dont make that card creation only create something of the set in charge.
    • Gladiator has received quite the buff this set.

      The 1/1 gnoll with momentum for 1 is a real threat. and the trick off the chain is what the Pack needed to push damage past blockers.
      Awaiting the Doomwalker's arrival in Entrath since the Beta.

      " Honey, where's my chaos key ?
      - Have you searched in your chaos coat ?
      - Shoot I left it in the chaos car... "

      ... Still be waiting for a while it seems ...
    • With now 5 Draft Gauntlets finished I can only repeat myself - this set is amazing.
      I love the interaction Verdict offers although it seems to be a little too strong in 888 if you get some key cards to build around.
      Almost every archetype I've played or played against so far seems viable, I've been utterly stomped by a hyper aggressive gladiator deck and brilliantly outplayed by a wild/blood deathcry deck.
      Also Portal doesn't seem to be a mechanic to build a deck around, far too few pay off cards to really make that happen in limited but I still think the portal cards are fun and a great addition to many decks. With the card in hand changing every turn it feels a lot better to me than Conscript did.

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    • For me, there is WAY too much rng in this format, ive lost quite a fair amount of games to random BS like opponent randomly transforming a card to hap'ie vs my mill deck while he has 6 cards in deck, 1/5 random discards losses, verdict constantly giving the worst possible choices. I haven't done draft yet as im spamming evo to complete my collection for commons and uncommons, but im not really a fan so far.
    • Trenzalore wrote:

      With the card in hand changing every turn it feels a lot better to me than Conscript did.
      Initially I thought maybe limiting portal to a single rarity would make it "better", better as in not letting a 1 cost common give you bomb legendaries, but it turns out portal might actually be worse because of the multiple turns to find the card you need and my opponents have been pretty good at finding that card. Lost games I was greatly ahead in to portal giving my opponent Battle of Destiny and lost another to Rocket Rider.

      People claiming to enjoy this kind of rng should love this set, because it's 100% unavoidable now where as you weren't always going to run into someone playing conscript.

      Set 7 was my favorite set since set 1. There were things to like and dislike about set 2-6 but I still played them. Set 8 is just 100% not for me. I hope they go a different direction if we get a set 9.
    • For me, portals and verdict are both better than conscript, but still not very good (as in, fun or interesting to play with or against). On the verdict side, they can get stupid powerful with just uncommons if you get the one that verdicts when you play a spirit or especially the one that verdicts every time you play a shard. Maindeck constant removal is practically mandatory now. On the portal side, the Squirming Galaxtar is beastly with any kind of engine to draw cards or get a couple more portals to kick off his own engine. It's extremely hard to remove, too, thanks to the 5 defense. A lot of games, you can just sit behind that guy and bury your opponents in card advantage (especially if you also have Bleeding Heart). I don't find either of these RNG strategies very fun, because they're extremely swingy and unreliable either way - they can completely blow your opponent out, or completely let you down. Like I said, better than conscript (or let's say "less bad" instead), but still not actually good for the game IMO.

      Now momentum is an actual fun mechanic, that I've enjoyed a lot. It's also got some risk to it, as missing a shard drop can leave you extremely vulnerable to removal or unable to swing, but having 2 or 3 cheap troops become must answer threats in addition to what you play later feels very rewarding for the effort you put in - I think what makes it good is that it's a direct correlation between effort and payoff, rather than just a totally random chance. This is good design, HexEnt - do more mechanics like this, and leave the RNG shit behind for awhile, ok?

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    • I wrote out a big long thing about portal cards but I realize there's no point in posting it. No one is going to change their minds about it.

      My opinion is, they're totally fine. They're fun, they're reasonably well balanced and they give people who need it a great reason why they lost a game where they let their opponent play overcosted junk and then wait for a card that helped them.
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    • Definitely much faster than Kismet Draft. Kind of get a similar feeling as 555 but have to play it more to get a good idea. Maybe I just miss Kismet draft so much that nothing will compare to it.

      Edit: Also, mill is my least favorite mechanic. Don't care if it's not the best archetype just playing against it is not fun. That's a big negative from the get go for the set.

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