Discarding eggs with Theorize

    • Discarding eggs with Theorize

      When you cast Theorize you draw 2 then chose and discard one card, if one of the drawn cards is an egg however, it does not go to the graveyard and re-draw another card immediately. This leads to you being able to discard the egg from your hand manually and then drawing another card. Discarding an egg this way creates 2 spiderlings for your opponent. I don't think this is intentional card interaction since you should never get the option to discard the egg from your hand because it should auto discard the egg and re-draw a new card that you then can chose and discard as a part of the Theorize spell.

      Hope it's not too confusing! :p
    • This is correct behavior. Once a card starts resolving, it finishes completely before any triggered effects resolve.

      Theorize draws two cards, and the egg enters your hand. Its "when this enters your hand" trigger goes on the chain. Then you choose to discard the egg, it goes to your crypt, and its "when this enters your crypt" trigger goes on the chain. Then both resolve: You put the top card of your deck in your crypt, the next card in your hand, and your opponent gets two spiderlings.