Spoiler Contest 06-08 November

    • Spoiler Contest 06-08 November

      I finally managed to glue the card back together that boldheart was eating! Thanks to @CoachFliperon @hexhuntermokog and @funktionfails for finding the pieces (they may or may not still have mini-contests going on you want to check out on twitter).

      Now for the main thing - I'll leave the discussion to you to see what kind of ideas you come up with but here is - the avatar of destiny!

      [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/JPUm6bD.png]

      And - A contest to go with!

      1st Place - 10 Set 1 Packs, 4x Lord Benjamin, 4x Lord Alexander, 4x Lord Adam, 1x Sekki
      2nd Place - 5 Set 1 Packs, 4x Lord Benjamin, 4x Lord Alexander,
      3rd Place - 5 Set 1 Packs, 4x Lord Benjamin
      Participation Prize Pool (You only get one of randomly) - 2 Set 1/2/3/4 Packs, 4x(2x)Menacing Gralk, 4x(2x)Xentoth's Inqusitior, Sir Thorngage, Mother Beatrice(2x), Count Davian, Nogg Nogg, Lobo, Tobias Belch, The Transcended, Shaylusia

      How to participate? Well, it's very difficult... first you must slay all of the dragons, then defeat the entire underworld, then convince the coyotle to actually start using clocks... or just post in this thread and I'll choose which post is most interesting, either works.

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    • I just hope this trend continues, in part because I want more support for a Fateweave archetype. We have an engine in Orchinaya, and we have benefits in the Poppycake Peddler and now the Seamstress, but I still feel we need a bit more.

      Also hope there'll be a Merc for Fateweaving in this set.
    • Makes all your Ice Resources replace themselves and turns Guidance into "Draw a Resource, Draw a card" for 1 and that's already pretty big.

      The Seek Adventure part of the effect seems pretty minimal compared to how quickly this lets you go through your resource base by repeatedly Seeking Fortune, specially now that resources are being more and more relevant with the new Runic cards, Momentum, and things like In The Halls of Twilight making you want to never miss drops. If we get more cards like Avalanche Lady that let you play more Resources this will give WD a lot more juice to work with. Curves straight after Orchi-Naya and make Wooly Moas hillarious. If you've got something to do with all these resources you're going to accumulate in your hand, I can't see why you wouldn't throw her in your Diamond Deck. As as 3/4 flier it doesn't fears Confession and will contest the board fairly well while also turning cards that you were probably already playing into more raw card advantage

      EDIT: There was an unfinished statement

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    • I think serendipity is used in the wrong way in this flavor text as true serendipity actually requires the person happening upon the occurrence to connect the dots or 'see the strings', they just weren't looking for them.
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    • i really dont know how to think about this effects.
      if i want to draw a card immediatly i only can choose ressources, so i will have a ressource to play every turn
      Okay thats cool and at any given point i cant draw any more ressources out of my library.
      But why the hell it makes my non ressource cards cost -1?
      i have more ressources than i can use most times (and the half of them still in my hand) and the only "buff" i get for dont seeking after a ressource is making that card cheaper? Oo Why? i already have enough mana to spend!

      Yes, 3/4 flying for 4 is strong, and you can thin your deck of ressources just using your heropower (playing calilac) or playing an ice, but the other part looks more *meh* right now than really useful or needed...

      I think we have to wait the rest of set 8 cards to see its real potential!
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    • Here's the instruction to inifinite "Seek Fortune". Play an ice, choose Seek Fortune, then open chat and mouse scroll up or down. Boom, you have Seek Fortune in the middle of the screen for the rest of the game.

      But seriously, I can see this as centerpiece in fateweave decks. It reminds me of Infinitrix, 3/4 flyer that you want to keep till turn 5-6 for power plays.
      If with set 8 meta slows down a bit, this actually could be playable in constructed, and I can't wait to play it :)

      When looking at the art and flavor text, I can't get rid of the feeling that I've seen this somewhere else. Fabric of reality, pattern, threads, strings? Hm, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time someone?
    • With cards like Zeota or the puppy... I could see this getting pretty crazy. Add hailstorm in and you're getting cheap cards, hail hawks, and whatever other effects you could ask for. Intriguing, to say the least.
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    • well for starters it should have costed 11 so i could win the other contest... but on the other hand 4 seems like a better cost. Though it could have been higher and have one of those reduced cost mechanics every time you fateweave.... looking for a paragon of thought esq card for that now.

      also the art on this one is real nice the blues would make a nice animated art effect in the weaves
    • I would have agreed with amo on the more resources then can possibly be required, until i remembered X effect cards, i could see some crazy fun brews with this in pve to be able to some massive X effects, Being able to play wildlife for 20 on the XX (10) eariler, Burn them out with burn to the ground, or even find stuff i can constantly spend Loads of resources on from the other side of the effect such as payment powers, in my opinion this is defintly going to be a chase legendary after all it's a solid body, nicely costed for it's stat line and flight, and then the powerful fateweave improvement ontop of it and fateweave is heavily used since it came out

      The winds of Fate are blowing with this card's Future, and you just don't get on fates bad side, so why not spawn this card and have the winds blow forever in your favour even more then they did before
    • At 4 cost we have to expect quite a lot in todays standard environment. There are strong 4 cost troops that never saw any play whatsoever (e.g. angel of agony). So the question is: Do you get enough value for the price?

      At first look I would say: Not quite.
      The problem is that at turn 5 and later (which is realisitcaly the turn at which you start to fateweave after playing the troop (unless you play the fateweave champ which you probably should not though)) you want to seek adventure far more likely than you want to seek fortune since chances are you dont need more ressources. But when you seek adventure the bonus you get from this avatar is just not good enough to make it worth. The bonus for seeking fortune (ressource) is great but is often still not what you want to choose when fateweaving post turn 4.

      Interesting design nontheless and there is enough room to explore and I might be proven wrong.

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    • You cried when Vampire King rotated, you shivered thinking of the nearby rotation of High Infinitrix... Fear not 3/4 flight legendary troop with effect for 4 lover ! Hexent has your back !

      Singular power level decreasing progressively while the synergistic possiblities increase by the same amount each time a new one is released.

      The first one was pretty much a boss by itself, the second one prefered to be played with multiple other necrotics, and this one beggs you to play all the fateweaves in the wolrd with ices, leprechaun mafiosi, and hailstorms aplenty.
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