[Work in progress] - Hex Guide to Success!

    • [Work in progress] - Hex Guide to Success!

      Welcome everyone!

      Ever since the Wardens of Entrath were created we always intended to have a big map of all the relevant information and guides the community has been generating over the pas few years. We have many great guides already but not what I would call a "complete map". To that end the Wardens have started to work on such a map that will touch on every topics and aspects of the game, giving quick "bullet point" advice on each of them while pointing to more detailed existing guides. This should give a very quick reference point to any players while also providing added visibility to the existing great work that was already put forward by our community!

      However, before we start writing the guide, we will be working on a "map" of all the relevant topics to Hex players abroad. We want to make sure that everyone can play the game to its maximum potential.

      We would like to get your feedback on the map, make sure we are not missing any obvious topics. Once we got most of the map figured out, we'll get on the hunt for all the guides/articles that exist for hex and will be adding them to the topics. Hoping to get this one completed in the upcoming week!

      This is where we're at:

      Thanks in advance for anyone who will spend time providing us their feedback!
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