Deck Drilldown - Diamond-Ruby Ardent

    • StewardUlk wrote:

      missing Reserve Strat for the Mirror, otherwise nice Article
      I don't know what Jeff thinks for the mirror, but it seems to me that the one that draws best will almost always win, more or less like in every aggro mirror...

      I've tried to change Crusader's gems after board: +0/+2 on the draw and swiftstrike on the play, both with some success, but that means you have slightly less consistency in your early resource drops and cannot side out any copy of Guidance.
    • I have had decent to great results vs turbo pa, deathcries, mono blood, classic D/S, mc bombus, mono ruby angus even, but this deck has become my boogeyman.

      Damn Haraza is so strong. This really is a great deck, it's the only match up where i'm getting stomped super consistently while playing bokrug mill in the current meta.

      I won only one match and it was a combination of drawing the right answers early enough, and milling the other moonrise elders by strokes of luck two games in a row.

      Without the banner it's manageable with sweepers and priorized removal, but if you can't into the unknown the banner the turn it comes into play it's just over most of the time, all your massacres and co become irrelevant, and infinity candles and conjurers are inbound every turn. And if you did'nt herofall the moonrise elder, there's often a second one coming down the turn right after...

      Looking at how many Haraza ardent I encounter, again a great article Jeff.

      If I may make a suggestion it'd be nice to include in the deck drilldowns a short list of the countermeasures available against the deck you analyse in the end of the article.
      Awaiting the Doomwalker's arrival in Entrath since the Beta.

      " Honey, where's my chaos key ?
      - Have you searched in your chaos coat ?
      - Shoot I left it in the chaos car... "

      ... Still be waiting for a while it seems ...