Budget Action Mill Suggestions?

    • Budget Action Mill Suggestions?

      I tested many variations with relatively cheap cards. For example I once played Tongue Breeder (not found with card function). It's a budget mill deck utilizing Grish'Xal The Profane in order to mill the enemy deck with Psychic Torment and using Spiderling or Eldritch Dreamthief (card not found) to attack the enemy to either destroy their deck or to deal enormous damage at once. It uses Hatchery Malvoker to synergize with the mill actions and Walking Boneyard (card not found) as an alternative win option and to defend against midrange decks.

      Here is my list (brought me to Silver 2)


      10 Sapphire Shard
      10 Blood Shard
      4 Shard of Cunning


      4 Incubate
      4 Azure Fang Decree
      4 Morsel Of Madness
      3 Lunacy
      2 Arcane Focus
      1 Strangle
      1 Butcher


      4 Psychic Torment
      2 Fever Bloom


      4 Eldritch Dreamthief
      3 Walking Boneyard
      4 Hatchery Malvoker

      It works very well against all kinds of deck but Blood/Diamond Enchantress is kind of a hard matchup. As a reserve I have Painbreeder in order to counter Blight Knight and Tongue Breeder for more speed.

      I plan on getting some Transmogrifade as the preferred removal.

      Though I want some suggestions how to make it better, I don't necessarily mean budget cards but I would welcome budget cards aside the non-budget suggestions which I also want though.

      I thought about Rizzix or maybe Xenthot's Zealot. Rizzix is a kinda good target for the champions ability.

      Thanks in advance for all answers!

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    • Alright, just some thoughts:

      Incubate is, in my opinion, a terrible card, and something that I would never play, not even in limited, but especially not in constructed. No board impact is bad enough, but the three eggs in a 60 card deck also likely never have any impact whatsoever. I would definitely replace 2 of them with arcane focus (I assume you do not yet have 4 focus?). As for the other two, probably more removal, 2 extra strangle seem like a good choice to me.

      Also, I'd replace the butcher with another strangle. Potentially, Reap might also be interesting, just to take care of anything too big for strangle. Or Herofall of course, but that's not very budget-friendly.

      Definitely do not play Xentoth's Zealot; if it hits an egg in your opponents deck, they get the spiderling.

      I'm not sure if Rizzix is a good (enough) card. If you want to play it, you might also want to consider Underworld Officer instead: The difference in attack is negligible, but the lower back end might be relevant (as it dies to e.g. Cremate or Massacre, both of which Rizzix would survive). On the other hand, there's no restriction on when you can play it, and it's not unique.

      Another thing might be lunacy vs morsel of madness: I'd rather play an extra lunacy over the morsel, simply because I don't see the health gain actually save you, whereas another card in the bin might give you that spiderling you desperately need, or another troop for the champ power/rizzix (if you play him). However, I think you are in a better position to say from experience whether the occasional extra health helps you.


      One last thing: When the next set releases (which should be rather soon considering spoiler season started already), some key cards of this deck, e.g. azure fang decree and psychic torment, will no longer be legal in the standard format (same with transmogrifade by the way, in case you want to buy them). This is not to say you should not invest in this deck, but I just wanted to make sure you are aware of this.