We need fun based dungeon!!!

    • We need fun based dungeon!!!

      I been dreaming about fun based dungeon.

      Atm kind of must play boring decks in FRA, that feels that i'm not wasting time. Most fun there comes from getting loot end of dungeon and see what drops kismet gives.

      I liked that its hard until i finished it first 10 times.

      Then tried play something different and have fun and i got only half of it done.

      Even i got more fun by playing fun decks i same time had less fun, cause felt i wasted time, cause got lots less loot.

      In campaign I like that can use mercs what cant use in FRA and can success dungeons with lots more decks.

      But there can't use pvp champions and some cards just need pvp champion to work most fun way. Also some cards needs merc that they work most fun way.

      I'm guessing campaign will also go harder and harder when we get more levels there and new azs and its good thing.

      Then there is 2 different kind of place where can farm valuable loot, cause that loot is hard to get.

      But to get those u need always play specific deck and u end to play only few different decks, cause those are fastest and best way to farm loot and feel that get most value from it.

      But then u stop having fun. U just farm what feels almost like work, maybe it is it.
      Less fun in game means u play game less and that is bad thing for all.

      All time should be so much ppl online what possible to join general chat and trade channel and helping ppl and just talking about game or anything.

      So we miss fun based dungeon!

      Solution for this could be ACTION based dungeon, where u can use any merc or campaign character or pvp champion and any gem, even immortal gems.

      That place could be called "Gold mine". There u get ONLY GOLD based on how many actions u make. Actions are example playing shard, playing constant, attacking with troop, exhausting any card, using champion charge power, etc.

      Loot must be only gold, because every1 dont like selling things.
      (I dislike selling in this game most. Selling is work)

      Gold amount must be about same amount what can farm with fastest deck of game in 1 hour.

      There is always only 1 match. U need win that to get loot.

      Also there should be skill levels to choose example:
      Super easy, easy, normal, bit harder, hard, and last most hard BabyBananaDaoc skill level xD.

      If u lose, u get nothing and then better change easier skill level to next game if want get gold.

      Super easy skill level computer could be so easy that he attacks like once every 5 turns and all cards in decks are about worst cards of hex. Maybe computer uses only commons and even those are bad ones.

      Then dont need to watch clock and feel that not getting gold or loot enough fast.
      Then can play any kind of deck, cause can choose skill level.

      Because its action based it doenst matter how fast u end dungeon. If finish in 1 hour 100 times in fastest dungeon. U will get about same amount gold what some1 else gets by playing 1 game what just lasted 1 hour.

      Game lasted so long time, cause he played so much funny things and just laughed all time and had much fun and didnt feel that wasted time, cause just playing this game is fastest way to get gold. Not that how fast u finish dungeon.

      Also we need time based gold when use deck manager and plan new decks. Dont need much gold, but if get like 1000 - 2000 gold in hour could just hang in this game and join to chats and same time plan fun or serious decks.

      I do that less what i want, cause then also feel that i'm wasting time, cause dont farm anything.

      There need to be then something to done in that hour that cant just make several accounts for farming gold.

      It could be like 1 action in every 5 mins. Meaning like putting 1 card to deck or taking it out or save deck or change sleeve etc. only 1 action needed. Could get that gold also like every 5 mins. Its small amount, but its something what encourage u to hang in this game longer and do specificly what u like to do most.
      If its less than 5 mins it might be bad. Cause sometimes i just watch screen and try think what card i need to take out that it works better and do nothing else, but think.

      That prolly make gold bit less valuable, but I dont see any reason why couldnt change how much gold get from things like every day until it feels its balanced.

      Forward to even better game!!!

      Thx for reading this and share your opinion about this idea and maybe u got even better ideas for this. =)