Friday Update! 10.27.17

    • Vroengard wrote:

      Ertzi wrote:

      Wolzarg wrote:

      I might be in the minority but i would have kinda preferred if the entity cards had normal art and there was a low chance they would be animated. Kinda sorta like foils but not really if you get what i mean.

      Love them either way but that would have been just the cherry on top for me.
      Stay awesome captain my captain.
      I absolutely love that they are all animated. We definitely don't need another added rarity level to create collector angst.
      If everything is special, nothing is.Animating these cards won't raise their usage/ collection value/ uniqueness/ price at all.
      I disagree. I bet they will always have more value than other rares of the same power level. I will also bet that they will drop less than most rares. They are unique, because only the entities will be animated, and that makes them feel special in my mind. I really like this approach. Not everything has to be about selling/collection value. It will feel cool to play them, and that is enough.