G24A-19 deck for GMG

    • G24A-19 deck for GMG

      Ive been having fun with the new merc. Thought I'd share my version here.

      Here's the list:

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      Troops (8)
      4 Spirit of Retribution (head, feet equipment), defend for free
      4 Dream Eagle (gloves equipment), dig deep into your deck for free

      Actions (14)
      4 Chronic Madness
      4 Arcane Focus
      4 Succumb To Madness (Chest Equipment), put artifacts in the opposing crypt for free every turn while this is in your hand.
      4 Chaotic Murmurs

      Constants (6)
      4 Fever Bloom

      Artifacts (8)
      4 Spectral Acorn
      4 Voltwrench (weapon equipment), makes our charge power 0 cost.

      Resources (24)
      4 Sapphire Ice
      4 Primal Essence - ramps us, so we can use Basic ability more
      4 Crackling Vortex - helps us with charge power while we're looking for Voltwrench
      12 Sapphire Shard

      Dungeon of choice: Great Machine Graveyard, because we want as many artifacts in the opposing crypt as possible.
      Basically, we keep our resources open for the BASIC ability (1 -> void an artifact in the opposing crypt, gain 1 armor) and charge power, while still digging deep into our deck (Dream Eagle), defending (Spirit of Retribution) and burying opponent's deck for free (Succumb To Madness, Chaotic Murmurs). If we run out of artifacts in the opposing crypt we have 1 cost burst bury available to us (Fever Bloom, Chronic Madness).
      Overall, the deck feels powerful, if not fast. Give it a try, let me know what you think.

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