PvE Deck Tech: Sekki Hideous Conversion combo with Eagles

    • PvE Deck Tech: Sekki Hideous Conversion combo with Eagles

      I've built a deck to use with Sekki, the mercenary from the Kismet's Reserve Oni packs that I wanted to share. The combo is known, and maybe I'm not the first one to add some spice to it.

      For impatient readers, here is the deck: hex.tcgbrowser.com/#!/deck=d793b07d1585abb921aba2d1ee4f86cc

      What is this deck useful for? It can be used to clear otherwise difficult encounters where you can reliably survive to the 3rd or 4th turn of the game. I use it to clear Army of Myth level 6 on my new characters for that sweet rare stardust and the Spectral Caller card. A win with this deck takes a huge amount of clicking so don't try to use it for gold farming.

      How does it win? Once you assemble a Deathseeker with it's scrounge 4 ability on it (Deathcry: return to hand) and Hideous Conversion you can keep sacrificing it for mana and use the mana to replay it. This alone with Sekki's passive power of 2 health and a sapphire threshold gained on every blood card played can buff up your life total until you find a payoff card for actually winning. Here is some payoffs:

      - Soul Siphoner: with it's deathcry shifted onto Deathseeker you ping the opponent for 2 every time you sacrifice it for a 1 turn kill.

      - Wicked Webspawn: Scrounging 1 for rage 1 every time we play Deathseeker generates 2 dreadlings, sacrificing one of them for scrounge fodder leads to infinite dreadlings for a lethal attack.

      How consistent is it? Surprisingly consistent for a combo deck. You have the good old tech of Harvest of Sorrows and Naive Lackey for some raw card advantage. The extra spice comes from Sekki giving us sapphire thresholds to use the incredible card selection that Dream Eagle provides with its gloves equipment. To get extra uses out of our eagles, we play some copies of Call the Grave (with trinket equipment, Tablet of the Revenant) to return all eagles from our graveyard.

      How do you have enough mana to do everything on turn 3/4? Well Hideous Conversion provides mana for each sacrificed creature, also we play some Underworld Recruiters for mana cost reduction. Sepulchra Maggots and Skittering Darks also come in handy to get more bodies for mana, and scrounge fodder, the maggots can be combined with call the grave.

      What other mercenaries would you use to support this deck? So far I've found 2 mercenaries with relevant party bonuses:

      - Baxoth of Korru: the free dreadling on turn 1 gets a body into the graveyard for scrounging.
      - Mother Beatrice: Illuminate on some of our actions generate more bodies, thus more mana.

      Inception of the deck: I've wanted a thematic deck built for Sekki, an almost exclusively Blood/Sapphire mercenary. I've could have gone pure B/S control, or some hybrid Bride/Empress deck, but I don't have the cards. However I do have 4 copies of Hideous Conversion and 4 Deathseeker in my collection, so I decided to try and build my first combo deck. It ended up being slow (in terms of clicks, not turns) but surprisingly consistent.

      Nice interactions:
      Call the Grave + Dream Eagles: Double up on that sweet card selection.
      Call the Grave + Maggots: If your first maggot comes with let's say 3 extra bodies (4 total) then saccing all of them + call the grave leads to 4*(3+4)=28 bodies of lethal chump blockers.

      Things to be aware of:
      - Looping through the Deathseeker combo if no other creatures died this turn counts as 1 death for Maggots and Harvests, even though that creature died many times.
      - Do not pop your Spectral Acorn it is only there to effectively reduce deck size from 60 to 59.

      Thank you for reading this!

      P.S. If anyone have a spare Dreadling Casket, I could really use one as don't have it yet. :saint:
      Also can anyone tell me, how to link cards to actual card names in forum posts? Thanks to Amostephil for the answer!

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