please remove the threshold requirement on mercenary <Vlastislav the Deathless>

    • please remove the threshold requirement on mercenary <Vlastislav the Deathless>

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      Vlastislav the Deathless is the new mercenary from vampire kismet reserve. what he's active power does is allow you to see and play the top card of your opponent for one turn. but you must meet both threshold and resource requirement at the same time to interact with this card.

      My suggestion is, please remove the threshold requirement on this power. it make absolutely no sense.. this charge power currently useless against 90% of the opponent . even if you get it to work, it is still no where near useful nor powerful.

      we do have some similar power such as Xarhrax's power. her power require 5 charge and allow you to pick any none resource card from opponent's hand and put in your hand. this might sound similar, but first Xarhrax is a max shard grid champion, she is meant to play rainbow deck. her passive and upgrade clearly suggest that. on top of that you do have a choice of the card to acquire, and be able to decide when to play such card.

      comparing to Vlastislav the Deathless, he's passive don't work against 90% of the enemy. and when it work, you can't play extra resource you revealed, you can't play card that you don't meet threshold or resource requirement. and for most of the time the card revealed does not fit in your deck theme... and you end up wasting charge power and resource(should you choose to play it).

      Some may argue that he's passive is very strong. this is true, but that is all to compensate he's low starting health (10). plus other champion also have similar if not stronger passive power. Xarhrax grant all troop +2/2 when you have rainbow.

      please do consider remove threshold requirement from he's charge power. thank you