HEX: Card Clash Out Now!

    • I'm almost certain it's because of Sony and we'll see it tomorrow. Sony updates the store for NA Tuesdays and for EU Wednesdays so we'll probably see it for EU sometime tomorrow, not sure when exactly.

      Edit: Dino responded as I was typing. If it's still in approval then I'm probably just wrong. Just disregard this post.
    • So what does everyone think of the PS4 client?

      Long story short, I don't think it will do Hex justice at all.

      First off, you can tell they put in a ton of work to get it working on the console (PvE as a big aside).

      It became immediately apparent, however, as to what happens if the slightest thing is off on the console version. Unlike the PC version, there is no real way to re mediate the issue or easily look something up online. So I hit a few bugs that made me force out of a few matches (same ones that others have been reporting, cards stuck on opponents card selection during my turn), and even the slightest bit that is off on the tutorial or directions (like it requiring you to go to the card shop or something when I thought it wanted me dueling the Ai) are absolute game stoppers.

      Unlike the PC client, which I have been using since Beta and through all-the-dramas of every version until a year ago when I stopped playing, the quirks in the PS4 version are the worst I've seen. Not because they are the worst bugs I've seen in Hex, far from it, it's the most polished release HXE has ever produced, but because they have much more impact to the player experience when you run into them. If you run into a game stopping bug in the first 5 minutes, and 2 or three more by minute 15, something that I saw echoed on another thread (can't find it), than I'm sorry but that isn't a good foray into the console market.

      Hopefully I'm wrong as I will be more apt to come back if this is a success, but I can't see non-Hex people get into the PS4 version at it's current state - any bug will have you screaming at the game, and while the control mapping is a really great attempt at managing a large TCG collection, I was a big ball of frustration after my card collection went over 100 cards.
    • I've tried it but it still is a work in progress it feels. I'm sure they can continue to make the client even greater and there are a lot of changes here to help the overall game but after trying to play some games on the client, I don't see why anyone would choose it over the PC. Another thing, the sound seems effects seem a bit louder and more intrusive by default. Maybe turning down the effects volume and upping the music would help my immersion as well.
    • Well those are discouraging reports. Chasing away users with game breaking experiences is the worst case scenario. As mentioned above, you can kinda get away with it on PC, not console.

      Also, why isn’t the HexTCG twitter handle responsive to tweets on a launch day? Do you not realize it is a launch day? I hear social media engagement is an important aspect of community management or just good business practice for an entertainment company period.
    • Here is just a short impression of my 1st twenty or so minutes. I used the NA Client, because the European isnt ready yet, but there is already a german translation included in the US one.

      1st the version fits well into the console world and i am looking forward playing it from my couch.

      2nd there seems to be a shaking camera bug. I nearly got seasick and even your cards get out of your viewfield --> in game the camera starts to shake uncontrolable like being in an earthquake, as opposed to be static and fixed.

      3rd the german translation for the instructions (not the atmospheric texts) is awful, confusing and googlesc at best. Please work on this as fast as possible, because otherwise no new player will be motivated to make it even through the tutorial..
    • Dragonsrock wrote:

      3rd the german translation for the instructions (not the atmospheric texts) is awful, confusing and googlesc at best. Please work on this as fast as possible, because otherwise no new player will be motivated to make it even through the tutorial..
      Nothing to worry about, we already fixed everything translation-wise for the german translation - it just did not make it into the client yet. Will probably be included with the next patch.
    • Its beyond me why they didnt allow accounts to be played on both machines. Must say that has no sense to me at all. I dont own PS but if I would I would really like to be able to play on PC and PS with the same account.
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    • That separation is a legal issue, chiefly related (from what I've gathered) to how Sony regards real money transactions for titles on its platform

      Re: the Draft activity, we could 'spitball' and probably reasonably expect that the missing PS4 vs PS4 draft data could be as high as half again for activity, which isn't too shabby.

      My concern will be an eye towards how much it sustains past the first week, comparative to the spikes of activity and natural downward trajectory after e.g. new set releases or new AZ content drops.

      If we operate under a baseline guestimate that Hex: Card Clash 'doubled' the pool of PVP players (these are all posterior-based assumptions, but hey) then we might ballpark about 1500 - 2500 peak players messing around with the PS4 release on the first go.
    • DraXor wrote:

      yesterday on stream Chris confirmed that API doesnt work for ps4, so numbers arent accurate.

      But if ps4 player is playing against PC player it should work? Only ps4 vs ps4 wont be visible in hex api?

      You are sure about that because API seems to register pS4 data even between two PS4 players

      And today's prime time is even better than yesterday with almost a 100% increase compared to usual day