WtS Stardusts for plat

    • WtS Stardusts for plat

      Sooooo, I wanna Kismet draft and dont have enough plat anymore to do it. Therefore I want to sell my Stardusts to get enough. Due to the fact, that Im not playing a lot of Hex right now (partly to the lack of plat to do Drafts), Im not sitting in trade chat enough to wait for some buyer there, so I wanted to try it here.

      So: I need 250 more plat for my first draft, I wohld of love to sell for even more so that I can do more then one.
      Id like to sell my dusts at about 3/4 of the AH price.

      Ive got:
      2x Promo Stardust
      17x legendary Stardust (I think, might also be 19)
      and 100+ of the more common ones.

      If anyone is interested message me and I‘ll check out the exact numbers when Im on my Pc again.

      Thanks for reading,