[Known] Quick Troop and Deploy trigger

    • [Known] Quick Troop and Deploy trigger

      Unfortunately, I didn't think to grab any screenshots while it was happening, since I thought I didn't understand the way deploy works, so I'm going to have to explain it.

      I had played a discounted Coralcove Witch for 3 mana, I used it's deploy trigger to attempt to reduce the cost of a second discounted Coralcove Witch in my hand. My opponent responded to the deploy trigger of the first Coralcove Witch by trying to Strangle it. In response, I played the second Coralcove Witch out of my hand to try and give the first one spellshield in response to the Strangle. However, after the second Coralcove Witch resolved, I did not get the deploy trigger and his Strangle resolved and killed my first Coralcove Witch. After the whole chain had resolved, including the deploy from the first Coralcove Witch, I was prompted with the deploy trigger of the second Coralcove Witch.

      This seems like a bug, since the second Coralcove should have entered play after it resolved, not after the entire chain resolved. Boy, I sure hope that's clear.
    • So to just set everything up so that there can be no confusion. If things really did occur in this order:
      • Coralcove Witch 1 is cast,
      • Coralcove Witch 1 enters play and trigger goes on the chain,
      • Opponent casts Strangle,
      • while Strangle is still on the chain, Coralcove Witch 2 is cast,
      • Coralcove Witch 2 enters play and trigger goes on the chain.
      Then the order that they resolved should definitely have been:
      • Coralcove Witch 2 ability resolves,
      • Strangle Resolves,
      • Coralcove Witch 1 ability resolves.

      If these resolved in any other order, then there is definitely a bug, or I am completely wrong (in which case, please let me know). I know the "Choose One" uncommons used to not grant priority to the opponent before resolving, but I believe that bug was fixed quite a while ago, so I doubt it has any relevance here.
    • While it sounds like you've already fixed this issue for the next patch, I'm just adding that I encountered a similar bug in game. I was playing against Blood Sphinx in the arena who had their Herofall with "When you play this, copy it." When the Herofall was cast targetting my 12/12 Rune Ear Hierophant that was socketed with the Fleshcraft Gem, I played a quick-troop in response. The copied Herofall then killed my Rune Ear Hierophant before the Rune Ear Hierophant got the +1/+1 from its ability that triggers when a troop enters play under my control, resulting in a 12/12 Abomination, and then my Rune Ear grew to a 13/13 while in the crypt. All of this occurred while the original Herofall was still on the chain.