New Hex streamer help / Pete_Frenzi onTwitch

    • New Hex streamer help / Pete_Frenzi onTwitch

      What's up community?

      I played a little in alpha but have been off the grid for a long while. I recently changed accounts from Frenzi to FeelingHexy, as my old steam account was invalid after the switch. It's not a big deal since I didn't have that account for long.

      I eventually hope to be competitive, but for now I'm just learning the ropes through PVE. Do you think that's a good way to learn? I've had some very nice folks help me out already, with cards and a comprehensive guide.

      Where I get a bit overwhelmed is during deck building. It's actually a bit scary for me. LOL Do you think I should play with ready-made decks or make my own deck anyway? Help would be very much appreciated! And I am willing to help out in any way I can. I want to be here for the community.

      I'm feeling HEXy, are you?

      Twitch: FeelingHEXy / Twitter: @feelinghexy