Friday Update! 10.06.17

    • Friday Update! 10.06.17

      I was told it was FRIDAY today, a small gnome that lives under my bed screamed it repeatedly much like an alarm clock to wake me from my gentle slumber. I would normally ignore that jerk but he got a hold of a large metal spike from somewhere and has taken to slowly pushing it up through the mattress... he has threatened to impale me if I don't get up on time.


      but now I am in the office and every thing is great... except a small gremlin has got a hold of a large metal spike from somewhere and has taken to slowly pushing through my skull, and has threatened to impale my brain if we don't get the Kismet patch out on time.

      IT NEVER ENDS!!!!

      hahahhaa... just kidding *cries inside*

      so its Friday and as you know every FRIDAY is .... hey uh, the gremlin told me we have to work this Friday, it was going to be prison tattoo Friday and I was going to show you a picture of this huge tattoo on Jared's back of two eagles making love, but the gremlin has the spike and is really jabbing around with it... so lets just get to the update update!

      of course the big news is KISMET'S DRAFT!
      so excited for this, as a matter of fact it may very well be live before I finish writing this, probably the only reason this UPDATE UPDATE is getting done is because we had a last minute delay on some art assets. If it had launched already I would have been stuck drafting, and certainly would have blown this off. MY DRAFTING ADDICTION KNOWS NO LIMITS... its very sad actually.

      I think this is going to be a fun format BUT don't get to use to the pool... because Kismet's whims are fickle and it may very well change. We have a huge number of cards to pick from and this format is not set in stone as a matter of fact it wouldn't be Kismet if things didn't change when you least expect it.

      very curious to see what kinds of decks I can chase with this... let me re-phrase that... very curious to see what kinds of WINTER MOON decks I can chase with this... I love her so much.
      The animated sleeves are gorgeous, and we made the system so there was no barrier to getting a few of them, even if you can only get one win per draft.

      Next up on the update: SONY!
      I am very happy to announce we are OFFICIALLY through the submission process!!! the Imp that was here last week with a large metal spike was super pleased, as a matter of fact he dropped a huge deuce on my desk, kissed Tyler on the mouth and drove off in an old rusted out piece of shit Chevy Camaro... I'm glad hes gone.

      We are FOR SURE good to go on the 17th, we could have done the 10th but we have some awesome marketing avalible from our friends at Sony for that date so there it is!
      I also think the Kismet's Draft is great for these new players, it gives them access to a bunch of the best and most fun cards from the past sets AND helps make sure the draft pods are popping!
      what we call in the business a "WIN WIN" not to be confused with a "WINN DIXIE" which is a grocery store in the American sideshow called... Florida

      We have another battle board dropping as the kids say... this time its the BOAT board! Set sail for romance on this moonlight cruise, as you can clearly see it comes with fruit, not sure who mixed the lemons with the oranges, kind of a dick move, but NOT a dick move is buying this sweet board! sweet like Lemon-Oranges!

      mmmm you know what would be totally Lemon-Orange right now? A SET 8 ART PREVIEW!
      how about a bit of Blight-Bark love, I know its hard to tear me away from the Merry Caravan, but here we go...

      we have a bit of a theme for these two, its the average working Joe set from our rotting kingdom friends...

      here is the BLIGHT WAGON!

      and now...
      the Blight-water Ferryman

      stunning! and gross! Stunningly Gross!

      back to the update... its a good weekend for the Bash, might just be your chance to slide into the top 8 with the attendance down a bit because everyone is KISMETING THE HELL OUT OF THE PLACE!

      also the CLASH will be set 7 NOT Kismet as we didn't have the time to test it, I was asked if we wanted to roll the dice... AND TO BE CLEAR I am a chronic dice roller, but I just couldn't in good faith take a chance something would go wrong. NEXT Clash will be Kismet... I'm getting soft in my old age, should have rolled the dice.

      last but NOT least, please check out Robb Mommaerts Kick-starter here... Robb has actually been a huge part of the art for HEX doing the birthday comics, and tons of cards. Having Robb on staff has been one of the greatest pleasures of being part of Cryptozoic and HEX, he is so far beyond talented its just mind blowing AND he is about the nicest person I have ever met. Kicks-starter is weird deal, you put yourself out there in a very difficult way, asking for money as a representation of how people feel about your work, or idea. I have had both ends of this spectrum... success and failure and both come with a HUGE cost to your psyche, I really hope Robb's book funds, he deserves it and more importantly the book deserves to be made, it looks awesome!

      and last and actually the least... just walked over to check on the build... any minute!

      love Cory, hope you have fun with Kismet (she can be cruel AND amazing)
    • Damn, the art, still improving from set to set. Impressive.
      Awaiting the Doomwalker's arrival in Entrath since the Beta.

      " Honey, where's my chaos key ?
      - Have you searched in your chaos coat ?
      - Shoot I left it in the chaos car... "

      ... Still be waiting for a while it seems ...
    • Thoom wrote:

      I like the story that the new Blightbark art tells. The coachman dumped a bunch of naked corpses at the ferry docks, and the ferryman looked at them and thought "that ain't right", and went and found them shirts.
      Or maybe it was the other way around: The ferryman brought the fresh corpses with shirts to the cart and then the coachman...oh well, let's not go there.
    • I hope the Lord and Lady's pets make it into set 8. They're referenced by name on one of the cards... and it'd be cool to complete the 'blightbark family' ;)
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