Wardens of Entrath - Community website and much more!

    • Wardens of Entrath - Community website and much more!

      Welcome Adventurers!


      If you are looking for a good compliment to your PVE experience, wait no more! The Wardens website should get you everything you need related to PVE: decklists, guides, articles and more!

      You can also join our growing community of Discord members if you prefer a faster dialog. Our server is open to public and already has 75+ registered members including most of our more prominent PVE community members... and a lot of active users too!

      Our mission is simple: Provide all players access to the best and most up-to-date strategies related to Hex PVE by producing regular high quality content while also providing an open and supporting space for all players to share their passion for Hex PVE.

      Even if you are not a PVE player and you are just looking for a good place to hang out, don't hesitate to visit us!
      [Blocked Image: http://wardens.hexcompendium.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/cropped-wardens-of-entraht-logo-tranparent.png]
      The Wardens of Entrath is a large, open to public community of Hex enthusiasts with a mission to help and support Hex players and content creators alike!

      Find us on our Discord server or website!
    • Website looks great! I am currently not so active in Hex, since I played enough set 7 evo and there is no new PvE content on the horizon, but will be sure to check it out regularly. I also cant wait for a new PvE release and see WoE produce quality content about new and exciting things! The roadmap is a great idea too:).