AZ2 Bounty 7: Vennen Focus

    • My take on the Vennen Warrior: Champion of Rizzix

      Class: Vennen Warrior

      • Fury
      • Warlord: Agility
      • Warlord: Parrying
      • Warlord War Machine
      • Warlord: Concussive Strikes
      • Warlord: Strength
      • Training: Combat
      • Reinforcements
      • Training: Deployment
      • Enhanced Training Regimen
      • Training: Tactics
      • Blacksmithing
      • +1 unused point

      HEXtcg link:!/deck=259485

      • 10 x Sapphire
      • 10 x Blood
      • 4 x Well of Cunning
      • 2 x Scallath
      • 3 x Nazhk Lookout
      • 3 x Splinter of Bokrug
      • 3 x Rizzix
      • 2 x The Librarian
      • 4 x Nameless Citizen
      • 3 x Tongue Breeder
      • 2 x Bastardspawn of Bokrug
      • 3 x Contract Killing
      • 3 x Casualty of War
      • 2 x Cult of the Nameless City
      • 3 x Ghastly Exchange
      • 3 x Spectral Acorn
      • Spider Crown (mods Nazhk Lookout)
      • Infectious Toxin (mods Casualty of War)
      • Phantasmal Armor (mods Spectral Acorn)
      • Phantasmal Grips (mods Spectral Acorn)
      • Nameless City Stilettos (mods Nameless Citizen)
      • Venom Blade (mods Rizzix)
      • B.E.B.O (buys enough defense for unblockable creatures to come online. Important for the encounter against the 2 scraptooth cacklers)
      • Sekki (good chance of card draw to compensate for Warrior starting at 6)
      • Khodh'Krih (guarantees Rizzix can be played on turn 3)
      A mid-range warrior deck that takes advantage of high power unblockable troops in Blood and Sapphire, with a back-up plan to mill the opponent out if you somehow need to keep troops on defense. Unblockable troops play very nicely with the training bonuses from the warrior. Very few decks are able to race your damage output, and those that can are often blown out by the removal you are packing.

      The all-star of the deck is Rizzix. He is an extremely cheap beater that only gets bigger with all the incidental burying. With Cult of Nameless City and Ghastly Exchange, you can guarantee he will get bigger on your turn. Nahzk Lookout will guarantee he gets bigger on the opponent's turn as well.
    • As the deadline has now passed, here are the following decks that have been submitted (that I think meet the requirements at first glance with some leeway - let me know if I've missed something or made an error):


      Please do not edit your submitted decks as deadline has passed. Feel free to post your thoughts of the decks above and rate them.

      Thanks to everyone who participated and the Elf Bounty has started as well!
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    • Here are your winners for the month:

      Cleric: Stormshard - This was a tough call. Ultimately, Stormshard's deck was slightly more consistent in a variety of situations than the others. I have to admit I really liked faceremover's mill and Verdant's spiders though - so kudos to those guys too.

      Mage: Arcanyx - Fantastic deck. Great use of mechanics and fairly consistent to boot. Nice job!

      Warrior: Arcanyx - Hey, have you met my friend Rizzix? This deck likes to be stompy and with evasion. While there are a few shortcomings, overall a solid deck.

      Ranger: mightyfrog - Another tough call. There are a few instances where this deck might have trouble but otherwise, it will melt the opponent. AxelDWater's kill/mill and Stormshard's take on using the pet spider are also solid decks as well though!

      Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated. Rewards should be going out shortly.
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