No PS4 release this week (25/09-01/10) either (going by last week's observations)

    • No PS4 release this week (25/09-01/10) either (going by last week's observations)

      It was @Katkilla that linked playstation's blog article last Saturday about releasing games that questioned the 19/09 release. Today, the upcoming week's list came out and Hex isn't there this time either.…tation-games-for-9262017/

      Obviously "The information above is subject to change without notice." However I doubt that's a regular occurrence.

      Opinion: Hex is killing its own hype with these delays. Even if it's something that does happen often (it probably is), the fact that they so arrogantly keep an announcement post stickied that says "Out Now" (check here) is plainly wrong. If any of you did like I did and tried to hype the PS4 release to your friends that are still unsure whether to invest in the game as a step forward for HXE, it's just feeding their assessment that the company is not showing a mature/serious face that they can trust.

      @HXE, people already asked you to remove the sticky announcement and it's still there.
    • AxelDWater wrote:

      and also include Hex at that PS4 blog page with the upcoming games that someone posted during the last week.
      "THEY" (HXE) don't need to do anything like that because the page you're talking about (which is linked clearly in the OP) is kept by Sony. Sony knows all the games that get released each week and every Saturday posts a new "Realeasing this week" article. And if Hex it's not there, it's probably not being released said week. Which is the point of the whole thread to be honest.
    • They should have request a change on the "out now" though. Potential new players stumbling into the page and then learning the game is not out yet is only going to hurt Hex's reputation. It's either "I don't care"(neutral) or bad, I just can't imagine a positive out of the scenario.