Friday Update! 9.22.17

    • Friday Update! 9.22.17

      Friday... Friday... Friday... (if its not obvious I am pumping my fist in the air) ...Friday... Friday... Friday...

      Can you feel it, the heat, the heat coming off this weeks UPDATE? cuz its burning up man!

      Wow, we had a crazy Friday, as you know every Friday the team submits their spec scripts and one sheet posters for the soft core porn we shoot over the weekend, this week I really think Jared touched on something magical... MISTY SUMMER SPECIAL... a cautionary tale about a teenage girl that goes to the beach with a super cool avocado pit to drink 40oz malt liquors... you can tell the avocado pit is cool because he wears sunglasses, so anyway... in the middle of sensually toweling herself off she realizes this is all a hallucination and she is actually a 47 year old man working at a video game company (you can tell that's whats happening from the look of existential dread on her face in the poster) THEN CUT TO... star wipe video transition: the HEX HQ interior set (Que- standard hot sweaty action) SMASH CUT: FADE TO BLACK AND EXPLODE!
      etc. etc.

      I think we have a real winner!

      here is the poster...

      well, enough of that nonsense! lets get to the update!... sorry I'm 47 now and my mind is slowly going soft...

      First up we had a birthday to celebrate, HEX PVP Tools is one year old! if you haven't checked it out you should (right here) so much fun to watch whats being played, and that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of cool stuff on the sight... this did remind me I never made a donation to FRED for all this work, yikes sorry! I made a small one and set up a recurring :) very much deserved!

      and don't forget the rest of the gang, we have some amazing tools!
      - HEXPRICE!
      - HEXSALES!
      - HEXPRIMAL!

      And speaking of amazing stuff we have our Charity Stream coming up and freshly minted Exalted Neo has convinced us we need to do another card and sleeve... so there it is! Look how adorable that puppy is! Actually the puppy is highly explosive and that senator is going to drop it on an unsuspecting random opposing troop with a (shield) of 5 or more... you know, typical exploding diamond puppy shit...
      I really hope you have a chance to join in on the charity stream, we always have a ton of fun with a BUNCH of cool giveaways and we raise money for kids so its got that going for it.

      what next... oh ya! MORE PVE SLOTS! so after last weeks address about PVE one of the comments was something like "ya, great but how about a few more ... character slots... ...!" it was something like, that I may be paraphrasing... and it became clear to me (much like the epiphany Misty had at the beach) that it would be super easy to give you more slots... and so it was done. Actually we had always intended to give you slots as part of several systems (they would be rewards) but screw it, its not your fault we are late with those features and we shouldn't hold back the slots...

      Don't forget the VIP and BASH and CLASH are coming up! so many tournaments and so little time... well time is an illusion so you actually have plenty of it. I will say the meta has gone bat-shit crazy! so much fun playing constructed right now... I am actually back to my PUCKS DREAM deck, and it's KILLING IT!

      you know what else is going to KILL IT!?!? set 8!
      I mean just look at this art...

      Brosi's Bouncer is looking fierce!

      and look at Locke riding the bottled lightning! so much fun...!!!

      this set is so amazing I am in love! well, I love most of it... sometimes its hard to say goodbye to a couple of characters you love this much ;( RIP

      well that's it, ...wait ALMOST it, we gave a shout out to a kickstarter and I would absolutely recommend checking it out, all the people involved are the real deal and IDW is doing great stuff in general. I had a "subscription" kickstarer fail recently so I know how hard it can be to get any subscription product off the ground (my product QST is still happening, we are going with a pre-order model after we make the products so we have actually started kicking off the games, should be REALLY cool)

      ok, love you all
    • HEXCoryJones wrote:

      Actually we had always intended to give you slots as part of several systems (they would be rewards) but screw it, its not your fault we are late with those features and we shouldn't hold back the slots...
      I kind of figured this was the intent. Thanks for not making us wait any longer. Much appreciation for that. :)
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    • So, the lack of PS4 release hype means we're rehearsing what happened last week? At least don't keep it from us until the last moment. One instance of humiliation when I had to cancel my friends' invitations to a mini-party I had arranged last time to watch PS4 streamers at the last moment was enough (plus I can't reasonably rebuke them when they pity me for sticking with the game).
    • Yaaaassss set 8 hype !

      More cult goodness... give it to me !
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