Battle lines / blocking ~ really need to be fixed up asap!

    • Battle lines / blocking ~ really need to be fixed up asap!

      I was just playing in the Clash against a candle deck and my opponent swung in with like 6 or so candles (not even that many, he had a lot of troops on board total though) and even that caused issues for me when trying to assign my blockers. It was very hard to tell if I had clicked on the right troop and so on, which was very problematic when trying to do double blocks. Also, the attack lines wern't even rendering which made it even harder (a seperate issue).

      Possible Solution

      A simple fix for this would be to SPREAD ATTACKING TROOPS out and GROUP NON-ATTACKING TROOPS! Then as you assign a blocker on an attacker, it moves to the left of the screen and all non-blocked troops move to the right, making it immediately apparent even at a glance (helps for spectators too) what is blocked and what isn't.

      This sort of update would hopefully be not too difficult to implement, even if it's just a temporary solution for now.


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      You can right click the stack of troops and the stack will dismantle.
      Holy balls if true... O_o That helps a lot (doesn't solve all the issues though), not sure why its not done by default tho and grouping the non-attackers (as mentioned above)
      The last time you messaged me about the blocking issue I told you this is what you should do...
      I guess I forgot or missed the message. Either way, there is no way for new players to find out as far as I know, I think making the cards separate by default would be best and then grouping the non-attackers or shrinking them.
    • Has anyone commented on a problem with right clicking, it selects a card as if you left clicked it... So if you right click a card to read it, when choosing attackers, it will be chosen. This is stupid and has made me attack with a troop I wasn't planning to attack with as I've clicked space right after right clicking.
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      bigzwine wrote:

      You can right click the stack of troops and the stack will dismantle.
      Can you explain this some more? When I richt click a stack I just get to see the large artwork for the card.
      I assumed 'dismantle' meant that the cards in that stack would visually spread out.
      I go to the topmost card of the attacking opponent creature stack and I right click on it. It zooms the card and when I close the zoom window, all the attackers are separated.
    • Seriously, they should just go back to the old way by the default. I have seen literally zero complaint about the previous way and the current way has been complained again and again. There should be absolutely no trick/tips/method needed to dismantle the stack because this just feels like some basic stuff for Hex IMO.
    • bigzwine wrote:

      You can right click the stack of troops and the stack will dismantle.
      The problem is that doesn't always work.

      I just lost a match because there were two cards I could NOT select in pve no matter how hard I tried. Right clicking/disbanding the stack, moving pixel by pixel, etc.

      This is something that is in desperate need of a proper, reliable, logical fix.
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    • This is in the same vein as when they changed the AH to show the single lowest buyout. They finally put resources into changing something but it just creates more problems than the original. Not sure how they didn't notice the problems with stacking during testing. For years people have suggested improvements to attacking/blocking then they just seem to change it based on a whim.
    • I wonder if they could "fix" it by simply decreasing the overlap slightly when stacking cards and changing what happens when hovering over a stacked card. If it didn't put the card you are hovering over on top, it wouldn't mess with hitting the correct card. So, my suggestion would be:

      * Decrease overlapping slightly, so you have a couple of extra milimeters of card to hit.
      * Only stack cards that are completely identical, i.e. don't stack buffed and unbuffed copies (This might already be the case)
      * When you mouse over a card in the stack, don't put it on top, just use the white glowing frame to tell which card is hovered over. (Might also lift it slightly up without putting it on top)

      I think this might do it, but if anyone sees an issue that it does[Blocked Image:]n't solve, let me know so I can refine it.

      [Blocked Image:]

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