Friday Update! 9.15.17

    • Friday Update! 9.15.17

      Friday is here like a great and pulsating mound of filthy donuts and we the obese children dance and salivate... disciples of the great and elder god DIABETUS! gorge now my friends and surrender to the sticky sweet succor of Friday!!!

      Here is an update on an update... for all your update needs!

      Well... I know I have made it pretty clear that every Friday is Career Introspection Day at HEX HQ, this is the time we sloooow down, visit the magic career closet and pick something else to try for awhile...
      as you can clearly see we have ALL the hottest career trends represented... Fire Chief, Doctor, Police Officer, Construction Worker, Rock Star and PIRATE!

      Jared begged to be the Rock Star but deep down I knew he didn't have the moral flexibility necessary to get the job done in the hyper competitive world of Rock Starring, I mean I told him to take his shirt off for the photo and it was just a bunch of crying and excuses... its show BUSINESS Jared!, not show friends! Eventually Jared explored the world of manual labor...but ultimately we decided R&D game designer was probably a better fit...

      also... I know I made a joke about Jared and prescription drug abuse last week (some were offended) and in retrospect that was a poor decision... I apologize... I should have included Ryan, prescription drug abuse is way more hilarious when the whole team is involved...

      (clearly I am going to say offensive things as part of this update, if you are easily offended, you should position your fainting couch before clicking on the update or just skip it all together)

      so to the update!

      Speaking of careers! if you happen to be a UNITY expert tech artist, I want you to come here and be one with us! Join our collective and share the love that is HEX HQ (I have a sort of cult vibe going for this update... weird) seriously if you or anyone you know fits this role we would love to chat. As we continue to drive the HEX bus towards its awesome future we are looking to find the next superstar to join the team. HERE IS THE JOB

      We have a sweet sweet VIP rotation coming up, and I am pretty excited about the AA cards included, the Massacre features Uruunaz (so that's cool) and the Ochi-Notion cards extended art is pretty amazing, one of the oddest ones we have done actually. Maybe the last EXALTED for the year will pick the promo stardust reward so you can ALL check it out!

      The ban hammer has fallen and Lazgar's is gone... mixed feelings on this, as a player I am happy... that card was my bane, but as part of the HEX team it sucks and we work VERY hard to make sure this never happens. I am sorry to the people that suffered loss of value on the card but ultimately we have to what is best for the health of the game, so there it is. I hope everyone had a chance to read Corey's write up, we take this SUPER seriously and would never ban a card with out a very good reason.

      Let me say I love CoachFliperon and greatly appreciate all the work he has done, and ALSO say we have some amazing community member doing fun stuff around our PVE experience (like Thrawn), you for sure should check out all the amazing additional content being made!

      So.... lets address the issue of PVE and some of the comments I made in the interview I did with Generals Tent. If it isn't clear from reading these updates I am VERY upfront about everything but ALSO a bit stream of consciousness when talking about stuff. Most people that create things for a living tend to be all over the place when it comes to ideas, so its likely that it sounded a bit like I was not totally committed to the vision of PVE for HEX. Let me say with zero confusion, I am 100% committed to the vision of PVE for HEX, Dungeons, Raids, Keeps, Guilds, Characters and Leveling... heck Pets and dozen other things we have never talked about. I am committed to it all and it all WILL happen. Some things will change but here they are...

      - Double Backs will have to be re-done, the tech will not work and we will pay way to high a price for it if did make it work. We WILL have double backs but the idea of unique cards is not going to work, you will unlock account achievements via specific cards, and there will be info about the cards use (how much dmg. you have done with burn, just not how much with THAT burn), so you WILL have double backs it will just be a bit different.

      That's it... we have plans in place for everything else some are done and some are still in process but everything has some planning behind it at this point.

      we actually have a HUGE amount of design work done, AND art... heck I think we have around 15 dungeons with full art finished, its just a matter of building out the plan for launching this stuff and finishing the adventure zones.

      here is an example, in this dungeon you meet the Primal of Blood Dragons...

      Yes I know, it has taken WAYYYYYY longer than we anticipated and it will continue to be slow, but the plans are in place and we WILL be launching more PVE content and eventually everything we have ever talked about will be in the game. I did put a priority on building out new platforms (Consoles and Tablet), but I think it was the right call, and everything we did for PS4 is one to one value for getting on tablet (a kick-starter promise), so living up to that promise required this time and for some players its very important that we get something on tablet.

      All that said, if we (me, you, the Hex team and Hex community) figure out a better way to do something, or a fun way to do something, we will of course discuss it and try our hardest to make the game the best it can be. I read all the forum comments and there are SOOO many good ideas, I know all this will be part of building HEX's future.

      I hope that helps clear it up, I know you want me to put a stake in the ground for our next PVE update, but I am not ready to make that promise, we have several things we are working on but I am unsure on the roll-out plan. We WILL continue to update Frostring as part of the story for sets 7-10, and I think you will really dig what we have planned.

      And finally we have the final exalted for this year... Jeff Hoogland!

      I think Jeff has done a tremendous job not only reaching out to potential HEX players but also in helping to elevate the competitive environment. Jeff has consistently built amazing content for HEX and this consistence is a very important part of our growing the audience for HEX. This pick. like ALL the picks was very hard, we have some amazing players, I think for the next couple of years it will always be hard to pick just one but, I know we will eventually get the chance to recognize all our HEX superstars. Thank you again Jeff for your passion and focus on getting the word out on HEX and making the art of competitive deck building that much better!

      Thank you again for playing HEX, I love you all, and I hope to play with each and everyone of you in-game :)
    • Hi Cory,

      I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for addressing the PVE thread. Something as simple as a "We hear you, we know, things are coming" kind of post is at least SOMETHING to hold us over. I personally was hoping for a tiny bit more, but I'm really thankful we got what we did. It really does mean a lot to just be heard sometimes. I'm glad that things seem mostly intact and am really hopeful there may still be a larger "big picture, theory craft" kind of update it the semi-near future!
    • Cory, I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving us PvE players the nod that we needed. That dungeon looks amazing!!!!!! Maybe some of FRA Uruunaz's cards would be collectible there??? HYPE! AND WE MEET A PRIMAL THERE IN PVE!!!! Maybe we can get a PRIMAL CARD from it!!!!
    • HEXCoryJones wrote:

      Friday is here like a great and pulsating mound of filthy donuts and we the obese children dance and salivate... disciples of the great and elder god DIABETUS! gorge now my friends and surrender to the sticky sweet succor of Friday!!!
      That is one of the funniest intro's I've read in a long while. :D

      And I don't even like candy.

      Great update, I'm happy that the double backs are still in. That's by far the most interesting part of the kickstarter promises for me.
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    • Expected more clear info and if things are set in stone for a feature/class i would show us the design (without a timeline ofc) - not a pretty picture, but OK. :D Pets??? ;)
      So no additional char slots as a temporary solution for pve drought? Got it.
      Time for break for me it is till concrete info is presented and will be back for sure when the next pve update happens. :)
      Thank you! :)

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    • Although I'm more a PvP player, I acknowledge that the PvE community is a big and important part of the game, and their comments deserved a response like this.

      You guys do a marvelous job with this game, and I feel that sometimes that gets relegated because the expectations we have are way higher. And that's great, we (all) want a better game. But when those expectations aren't met, problems arise. And that's when I think that communication is important. And for that I appreciate these Friday updates, and especially the ones like this one, when you share with us what's going on behind the scenes.

      EDIT: Also (edh), I think I speak for everyone when I say that the Jared pic should be used every time the watch list and the ban list is updated on the site.
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    • As one of the most vocal (not that I do anything but annoy people but I'm a researcher with no attention span so my contribution is to read and debate lore) PVE players this is enough news for me to acknowledge hex is doing stuff. Though no word on Warlock.. :(
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    • Speculation time!!! Let's take a look at Rite of Thrygg, one of the FRA Uruunaz cards.!/cards/cardid=880&search=thrygg is the card. Now we know that it is Thrygg is the primal of blood dragons, and also it looks like we start at Maar's Point, and ends at Thrygg's Blood, so we know the primal is Thrygg here, who is the final boss (we said meet, so maybe not kill him. Maybe survive with special uber powerful reward for managing to kill rather than survive? Who knows, but it would be cool).

      The card mentions he is the 'sovereign of the chasm of blood', so I believe this dungeon is the chasm of blood. Also, it mentions he is the keeper of the corelands. So i think we have a dungeon named Chasm of Blood in the adventure zone Corelands (this could be AZ3, but maybe not).

      Where do I think this may be? Take a look at the northernmost corner of the Entrath globe in campaign, we have a hole in the earth with blood magic coming out of it. In addition look at the grey background of that dungeon art - it looks to be like a large crater surrounded by arctic mountains, just like that crater to the north. Coincidence? I think not.

      As for enemies, I imagine this may be the first time we get non-unique dragons, so dragon fans might be happy with this if so. As for enemies, my predictions:

      Maar's Point - Maar (dont know who this is)
      Vei Cavern - Vei (is this a species or something? Or a person?)
      The Phreatic Pit - some form of blood wormoid???
      Obsidian Fissure - Some sort of Obsidian Creature?
      Hell's Path - some sort of Sand demon?
      Death's Delta - Thrygg's cult leader? Really looks like a culty sacrifice/praying area
      Searing Lake node 1 - ???? A dragon maybe? IDK about this one
      Searing lake node 2 - volcanic behemoth
      Searing Flats - some sort of obsidian and magma creature
      Searing Flats node 2 - another obsidian/magma creature of some sort
      The Hellhound - Cerberus
      Thrygg's Blood - Thrygg

      I had fun theory crafting this. Seems like we are gonna get some really sweet cards and battles out of this dungeon! Hype!