• So... I didn't see a search function, so I'll ask this. I just started this game, and I saved up a good deal of Gold. I bought a Mercenary (Dallad) but cannot figure out how to equip the guy... Just to note my progress, in case I just haven't unlocked that feature... I have to fight the Sea Hag, and just cleared the second drawbridge mission.
    • Yeah, I believe you unlock mercenaries a few fights into the second Adventure Zone. It'll give you a starting mercenary for free, and explain how the mercenary system works. Until then, I think they're locked.
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    • It's a good point to bring this up.

      I think this is one of those things that need to be better communicated to new players because I can imagine that TS is kinda dissapointed now to have spent gold on something that he can't use for a long time.

      When I first started out I micromanaged every piece of gold I earned to buy exactly the cards I wanted. It would have sucked if I found out I couldn't use them after I bought them.

      I hope you didn't pay too much for Dallad.

      Also, if you're looking for specific cards for your deck, you can just ask around. Here or in the game chat. Most players are happy to give commons and uncommons to new players.
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